Becoming a Tallinner!

Hakan Karaoglu • 2 May, 2013

Becoming a local is all about creating daily routines at “your new home”, and finding places you can relate to. Where to have your morning coffee, maybe your breakfast… Where to go for a pint with fellow locals… What to do when you need some fresh air or maybe some inspiration… it’s about discovering the best food in town, partying like a real local and enjoying “your” city like you’re the king of the hill.

I have been living in Tallinn for two years and so far, I consider myself pretty lucky to have enjoyed what Tallinn has offered me. Let’s take a look at what my daily routine would look like if I spent an entire day in Tallinn’s beautiful Old Town, and see whether I’d have an authentic experience like a Talliner local.

Must Puudel

Must PuudelMust Puudel is a popular café among locals and the perfect place to enjoy your morning over a cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast. The interiors boast cool nostalgic details as well as design elements from the Soviet era. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Tallinn Free Tour

Tallinn Free TourTallinn Free Tour is run by a group of awesome young guides who tell you fascinating stories of the Old Town as you walk between its past and its present. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Tallinn Free Tour is an alternative way of taking a walk around the Old Town with the added bonus of having the chance to listen to the stories of Estonia told by young guides who know how to make the experience interesting and enjoyable.

Drink Bar & Grill

Drink BarNot only does it offer a wide selection of great beer and cider, Drink Bar also offers delicious pub food to match. Simply put, it’s a haven for local beer-lovers, plus they serve the best fish ‘n’ chips in town!

Museum of Occupations

If you are passionate about history like me, especially 20th Century history, Museum of Occupations tells you the story of Estonia with a well-curated exhibition. You can see everyday items from life during the Soviet and Nazi occupations.

St. Olaf’s Church

St. Olaf ChurchOnce the tallest building in Europe, St. Olaf’s Church is still a unique place with a spire that offers a 360-degree view of Tallinn to its visitors. There’s a small admission fee which is around €2, however the beautiful view is totally worth it.


Kompressor+Do you like pancakes?

– Are you kidding? Of course!

+ Then, let’s go to the pancake place.

This would be a typical conversation if you spent enough time in Tallinn. Kompressor is pancake heaven where huge, reasonably-priced pancakes await you. Choose your filling, order your pancake and get ready for a feast.

Kodu Baar

Kodu BaarPhoto by Kodu Baar

Kodu, which means “home” in Estonian, is a great place to chill out and enjoy a couple of drinks while waiting for live music performances by alternative local bands and DJs to begin.

Any recommendations? More local places? Tell us about your Tallinn and join us.

Hakan Karaoglu
Social media intern in Like A Local. Communications graduate from Tallinn University. Turkish by birth, global backpacker and experienced hitchhiker by choice.

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