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Kerti Kulper • 24 Apr, 2014

If you ever plan on visiting Brussels, don’t be fooled by the city’s unofficial European capital title or the fact that it’s home to several EU institutions. Yes, it’s pretty much the heart of Europe, but it’s so much more than a tedious city only visited by representatives of EU member states. Just like every other European capital, it’s home to plenty of bars, cafés, restaurants and concert venues. It’s an interesting and colourful place by day and it becomes even more vibrant at night. Here are some suggestions for places to drink, dance and party.

Spirito Martini

Think you’ve seen everything when it comes to nightclubs? Well, have you ever been to a trendy high-end nightclub housed in an old Anglican church? According to its website, Spirito Martini is “the temple of the night”. While the entrance fee can be as high as €30, it’s totally worth it. There are three different bars so you won’t have to worry about standing in huge queues to get a drink. It’s open every Friday and Saturday.


If you plan on visiting Brussels, like quirky places and are a music lover, check out Botanique’s website to see if there are any cool concerts coming up. The location itself is quite unique – formerly a botanical garden, it’s now home to a café and one of the coolest concert venues in the city. Many local and international artists perform here. It’s situated close to the city centre and easily walkable from Beurse.


Botanique at night (photo credit: elPadawan)

Le Flamingo

This is a relatively new place in Brussels. While the neighbourhood might not seem inviting at first, it’s worth the trip as it’s one of the trendiest places in the city at the moment. Le Flamingo opens at 8 am, so in addition to partying here at night, you can return in the morning to enjoy a nice breakfast.

Play Label Rooftop

This place is located on the roof of Crosly Bowling in the city centre. Rumour has it that it was the very first electronic rooftop venue in the city. It’s only open on Thursdays, Sundays and for special events, so it’s a good idea to check their Facebook page beforehand. It’s also only open when the weather is warm, so don’t go knocking on their door in winter. Apart from that, entrance is free and everyone is welcome!

Maison du Peuple

Situated a bit beyond the city centre, Maison du Peuple is a cool place offering good food, good cocktails and, if you’re really lucky, live music. It’s always packed with young people so you might not find a vacant table at night. Check out their website to peruse their menu and to see what gigs are coming up.

Delirium Café

If the name itself hasn’t made you curious enough to look this place up, then their beer selection will. With more than 2,000 different varieties from all over the world (including famous Belgian beers of course), Delirium Café is a paradise for beer lovers. It attracts a fairly young crowd and it offers live music. When you’re in the city centre, look out for their cute pink elephant logo.


Delirium Café  (photo credit: calflier001)

The Flat

The name is pretty self-explanatory – it’s a nightclub/lounge located in a flat. You can enjoy your drink in the living room, the bedroom or even in the bathroom. You can also book your own private room or even the entire apartment if you have a special event coming up. According to our local Carlos, you should choose your outfit wisely as the dress code can be quite strict.

Café Belga

When talking about Brussels, one cannot simply “forget” to mention Café Belga. Every local knows this place and all foreigners should too! It’s a nice and trendy café on Place Flagey near Ixelles ponds. It’s a good place to listen to live performances on Saturday evenings and to chat with friends on lazy Sunday afternoons. When the weather is warm, they open all the windows and you’ll often see young people sitting outside with their drinks.

Opening photo: Botanique (photo credit: Eoghan OLionnan)

Kerti Kulper
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