Lucie’s Local Bratislava Tours: How to Make Money Doing What You Love

Like A Local Guide • 2 Mar, 2016

As you may have already noticed, we’ve been working hard to build a platform where locals can offer all kinds of experiences to curious travellers. From hosting delicious dinners to organising offbeat city tours to taking travellers out for drinks – this is your chance to do what you love and earn some extra cash… Or who knows, maybe even kick-start a new career!

To give you an idea of the possibilities, we’d like to introduce you to Lucie, a passionate Bratislava local who hosts a couple of wonderful walking tours in her home city.

Lucie the tour guide

Lucie was born in Bratislava, has a dog named Lump, likes good food and enjoys strong espresso in the afternoon. She uncovers Bratislava’s hidden gems on her Off the Beaten Track Walking Tour, and introduces visitors to her city’s diverse flavours on her Bites and Sights Food Tour. She also has a popular Slovak-language blog where she writes about secret places in Bratislava and her city’s indigenous population.

How she got started

Lucie spent a couple of months in an international community of volunteers in Iceland. Upon returning home, she realised she missed the cosmopolitan environment and decided to start introducing Slovak secrets to foreigners. She planned a tour and initially guided her friends, Bratislava expats, Couchsurfers and Airbnb guests around her city. Once she felt confident, she posted her tours on Like A Local Guide.

Why she loves it

Being a tour guide gives Lucie the chance to get to know people from all over the world while teaching them about Slovak traditions, cuisine and culture. She appreciates conversations with people outside her own culture as they bring different points of view to her reality and are sources of fun and new information.

Through conversation, she also aims to raise the international awareness of Slovakia. When you say South Korea, everybody thinks of Gangnam Style; France has the Eiffel Tower; Italians have their pasta – but what is your connection with Slovakia?

Why travellers choose Lucie

People who join Lucie’s tours appreciate the opportunity to meet a local; the experience brings a new dimension to their trip. Having conversations with a local and tasting local food and drink is often what’s imprinted in their memories, much more so than what’s listed in the guidebooks. A walking tour with a local can also facilitate new friendships. Lucie often stays in touch with her guests.

Lucie’s tours

Bratislava Off the Beaten Track Walking Tour

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: €9 per person
  • What’s included: A tour of Bratislava’s hidden gems, beer, local insights
  • Who can book: Private persons

Bites & Sights Bratislava Food Tour

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price: From €15 per person
  • What’s included: Visits to the Central Market and 4–5 other venues, plenty of food and drink tastings, local insights
  • Who can book: Groups of 2–6 persons / Private persons

Turn your passion into income

If you see yourself in Lucie’s story, please get in touch with any thoughts and ideas. Whether it’s teaching travellers how to make local specialities, hosting a friendly soccer match or hiking in the woods – we can help make it happen. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Opening photo credit: Miroslav Petrasko

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    Hi Lucie. I am a Canadian travelling through Europe this summer. In Prague now and planning to go to Bratislava for a couple of days en route to Vienna. I will arrive Bratislava around noon on Friday. Do you have any tours going on Friday afternoon or Saturday. I am happy to do a private tour if that fits. Let me know. Thanks, Greg
    greg hryhorchuk • Aug 02, 2017 • Reply
    Is the comment by Danniel Qeletti it true? I am Muslim and Arab? was thinking of visiting Bratislava next month with my wife who do weat scarf as well.... After reading this I am a bit worried ... and wont like to risk a relaxing vacation on worrying what may happen :(
    Mohammed • Jan 02, 2017 • Reply
      Hi, Mohammed, I understand that Danniel's comment is alarming, but I encourage you to talk with locals about your concerns – you can get in touch with our Bratislava community members here: I hope this helps, Jessica
      Jessica Braz • Jan 03, 2017 • Reply
    You know, I would have loved to join some tours, at that city of yours... HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR THAT PRIME-MINISTER OF YOURS, DECLARING ALL NON-CHRISTIANS UNWELCOME LAST AUGUST!!!! I remember this shock very well. See, I used to really LOVE Slovakia, had actually been there a few times (last one by the end of May 2014), both in Bratislava and Levoca and have visited Sturovo and Vrutky, too. I had considered your land, to be one of my most favourite, too, more than ANY of its neighbours!! But then, that slovakian führer go, and hanging up a sign, declaring: "Muslims, Jews and Dogs are not welcome"?!? And he did that, against KURDISH Refugees. Well, I am Kurdish, too: had my Paternal Ancestors not come to the land, which later became Israel, I might very well have been one, of these refugees!! I'm unwelcome to that bloody country of yours. So, gibberings about how "wonderful" it is, are no longer welcome of my internet-browser. Fuck y'all.
    Danniel Qeletti • Mar 28, 2016 • Reply