Second Quarter Superstars: Meet Our Most Active Local Ambassadors!

Like A Local Guide • 14 Jul, 2016

We can hardly believe three months have rolled by since we highlighted our top ambassadors for the first quarter of 2016. Once again, we’re shining the spotlight on not 10, but 11 local legends (yep, another tie for the final spot) who added the most tips in April, May and June this year.

lal_passport_coverIf your name appears in this list, please send your postal address to Kris so we can send you one of these handy passport covers and plenty of good vibes!

Want one? How about a moment in the spotlight? Share more of your favourite local spots with travellers and maybe next quarter you’ll make it to the top 10!

1. Luise, Rostock / 50 tips

1-luise-croppedIf ever you find yourself wandering around Rostock wondering what to do, look no further than lovely Luise’s tips. Seriously, this lady knows what’s worth discovering in her pretty German port city: big and little-known sights, student hangouts, watering holes, restaurants, cafés and much, much more!

Read Luise’s tips here.

2. Michael, Vienna / 23 tips


Whether you’re looking for vegan food or traditional Viennese fare, fine dining establishments or late-night snack spots, trendy second-hand stores or upscale boutiques – this lad knows what’s what when it comes to eating and shopping in Vienna! He has lots of awesome tips for other stuff, too.

Read Michael’s tips here.

3. Fabián, Quito / 22 tips

3-fabianPeruse Fabián’s plentiful tips and you’ll soon realise he’s not just interested in the history and culture of Quito, but also happens to be quite the expert. So, if you’re planning a trip to Ecuador and wondering what to do and see, his tips are the place to start!

Read Fabián’s tips here.

4. Athena, Port-au-Prince / 21 tips

4-athena-croppedAthena describes Port-au-Prince, the Haitian capital, as chaotic, rich in culture and very much alive. It’s a good thing then that she knows plenty of great budget eateries where you can rest and refuel!

Read Athena’s tips here.

 5. Sebastian, Berlin & Vienna / 20 tips

5-sebastian-croppedThis list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of Sebastian, one of our most prolific local contributors! If you’re looking for good, simple, reasonably priced food in Berlin or Vienna, he has more than a few fantastic recommendations up his sleeve.

Read Sebastian’s tips here.

6. Martin, Innsbruck / 16 tips

6-martin-croppedInnsbruck local Martin loves eating and being outdoors in nature. Over the past few months he’s posted a tidy selection of tips for, you guessed it, outdoor oases, budget eateries and restaurants serving both local and ethnic cuisine.

Read Martin’s tips here.

 7. Nadine, Frankfurt / 16 tips

7-nadine-croppedNadine’s idea of a great trip involves sleeping as little as possible so she has more time for the fun stuff. We have a sneaking suspicion she keeps this up in everyday life judging by her humungous list of recommendations! If you’re ever at a loss for things to do in Frankfurt, she’ll surely put you on the right path.

Read Nadine’s tips here.

8. Florian, Vienna & Leuven / 14 tips

8-florian-croppedAlthough he only joined the Like A Local community in March 2016, Florian has already managed to add a bunch of tips for his favourite local spots in Vienna and Leuven. He covers historical treasures, scenic hangouts and more!

Read Florian’s tips here.

9, Jānis, Riga / 14 tips

9-janis-croppedIf you’re headed to Riga and anything likes us ­– a sucker for coffee, culture, craft beer, biking, art nouveau and anything Soviet – you’re going to love cool cat Jānis’ eclectic recommendations. Latvia, here we come!

Read Jānis’ tips here.

10. Kazue, Tokyo / 14 tips

10-kazue-croppedCafés, shrines, gardens, restaurants and souvenir shops – phew! We can’t wait to read more of Tokyo local Kazue’s tips. And in case you missed it, she also wrote a bookmark-worthy blog post on what to see and what to skip (ahem, ninja lessons) in the mind-blowing Japanese capital.

Read Kazue’s tips here.

11. Methika, Bangkok / 14 tips

11-methika-croppedWe’re delighted that Bangkok local Methika has jumped on board and begun adding tips to help travellers find the good stuff in her enchanting city. Tasty Thai food and stunning temples – check! Oh, and she also hosts a cool street art tour and a culture-filled day trip.

Read Methika’s tips here.

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