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Like A Local Guide • 20 Apr, 2016

It’s time for some exciting news! We’ve just launched a series of badges to highlight the expertise of our local ambassadors around the world.

Besides giving dedicated ambassadors some serious street cred, badges make it super easy to find tips submitted by like-minded locals.

If you’re enjoying a specific ambassador’s bar recommendations in Brussels, for instance, simply click on their profile to immediately see the scope of their interests. In other words, you can now easily uncover tips written by locals you already trust. Neat, huh?

Read on to find out what the badges mean and how to earn them.

Super Saver

Students and budget-conscious folk are always picking your brain because you have all the cheap eats figured out. You know exactly where to get your money’s worth when it comes to food, be it lunch specials, inexpensive ethnic restaurants or places where kids eat for free.

How you earn it: Post 5 or more tips for budget eateries.

Coffee Connoisseur

You know a flat white from a latte and you’re not afraid to say it. Or maybe you consider it blasphemous to ruin a perfectly good espresso with milk. Whichever it may be, any self-respecting barista in town should remember your face AND your favourite caffeinated beverage by now.

How you earn it: Post 5 or more caffeine-induced tips for coffee shops or cafés.


While most people eat to live, you live to eat. You spend your free time feasting at local street food markets, chowing down at ethnic eateries and having your mind blown at oh-so-fancy fine dining establishments. If there’s something worth eating in town, chances are you’ve already devoured it.

How you earn it: Post 5 or more tips for foodie hotspots.

Bar Crawler


It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? From small neighbourhood bars to upmarket cocktail lounges, you’ve tested out all the watering holes in town. You know exactly where to find the best signature drinks, the craziest house shots and the bartenders who mix the strongest G&Ts.

How you earn it: Post 5 or more tips for local bars or lounges.

Beer Lover

Hoppy is the name of the game. You have no respect for anyone who voluntarily orders a Heineken or any other mainstream lager for that matter. You judge a pub by its range of craft brews and love nothing more than working your way through lengthy beer lists.

How you earn it: Post 5 or more tips for great local pubs.

Clubbing Wolf

While you may or may not be out of bed by lunchtime, you always know what time the sun rises. A dedicated partygoer who lives by the motto “go hard or go home”, you know which clubs attract the best DJs and the liveliest crowds. Get us on the guest list too, will you?

How you earn it: Post 5 or more tips for killer nightclubs.


If you’re not yet working as a tour guide, you definitely should be. You spend your spare time seeking out interesting buildings, strange monuments, gorgeous parks and stunning vantage points, and you know the history and stories that bring them to life. You’re basically a traveller’s best friend.

How you earn it: Post 5 or more tips for sights or fun things to do.

Sports Addict

Forget about stuffy museums and galleries – true happiness lies in being outside and getting active! Whether it’s jogging, swimming, cycling, climbing or just getting a little crazy with your pedometer, you know the most scenic and inspiring spots to get the heart rate up.

How you earn it: Post 5 or more active lifestyle tips.

Culture Buff


If there’s a new exhibition opening in town, chances are we’ll find you there. You’re a sucker for history, art and culture, and are subscribed to the mailing lists of pretty much every museum and gallery around. You also know all your city’s secrets when it comes to free admission and fun cultural events.

How you earn it: Post 5 or more tips for museums and galleries.

Shopping Star


Someone take away your credit card! You’re everyone’s personal shopping assistant in all departments, from local design to gourmet food to vintage fashion bargains. If anyone needs unique gift ideas or suggestions for tasteful souvenirs to take home, they should follow your advice to a T.

How you earn it: Post 5 or more tips for cool local shopping spots.

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