Staying healthy while travelling in the Baltics

Like A Local Guide • 16 Sep, 2013

Everybody knows that it’s extremely tricky to eat healthily while travelling. Lack of knowledge about local food and restaurants often leads people to familiar places such as McDonald’s or pizza joints – not exactly the healthiest choices. When in the Baltics the concern for eating healthily is doubled because historically we have always eaten a proper meal of greasy meat and potatoes, and even nowadays many men call salads and fresh food “a rabbit’s meal”. You can imagine how difficult it can be around here for a vegetarian let alone vegan. Luckily some of the Like a Local Guide editors have shared their insights about healthy food options in the Baltic cities.


Von Krahli AedThe embassy of pure food

Aed is one of those places that pleases both vegetarians and carnivores. Their goal is to offer pure local food with a modern twist. Plus, they’ve managed to keep prices more than affordable.


NOPNeighbourhood, Organic, Practical

The name already says everything you need to know about this place. It’s a homely café combined with an eco-shop, so whether you’re after a tasty organic meal or you want to do some eco-shopping – this is the place for you.


Leib RestoSimple but good

Leib Resto is all about simplicity – there’s no extravagant food combinations, pretentious service or high prices. They use fresh, locally sourced produce which is the foundation of excellent food.



Vilde Health CafeTraditional goodness with a modern flavour

Besides serving healthy food, Vilde Health Café aims to provide you with a truly delicious experience. They make healthy eating extra easy by listing all the nutritional information of the individual dishes on the menu, with gluten/lactose-free dishes are specially marked. There’s also a playground and a healthy menu for children.



Mahedik – Don’t buy a Prius, better eat at Mahedik

In an attempt to keep flavours pure and dishes delicious, here they use everything that is local, organic and tasty – including meat. Meat eaters are totally welcome here though, as long as they like their meat ecological.



MiitInspired by the bicycle culture

Besides being the favourite hangout place for local bicycle lovers, Miit offers a wide variety of vegetarian food, plus they make really good coffee. In addition you can get your bicycle fixed while having a quick bite.


Raw GardenHealthy living on a plate

With such extensive choices of raw food, this place surprises even hardcore vegetarians. Anyone who’s into non-boiled, non-modified or non-killed food will love Raw Garden. Nothing for carnivores though.


TerraGet back to you roots

Fresh and healthy fast food turns from a dream into reality at Terra. Here you can even pick out and put together the exact ingredients you prefer and leave out the ones you dislike.


TvaiksFood filled with creativity and soul

Tvaiks strives to make honest, healthy, creative food out of local, market fresh and seasonal products. The staff are passionate about what they do and prices are more than reasonable.


BurkānsFresh ideas and fresh food

Here they really make an effort to serve homely international dishes that both taste and look like heaven. The produce comes straight from local farmers and the view from the terrace is breathtaking.


RivieraFine dining French Riviera style

Here you’ll find probably the best seafood in town judging by the variety, the taste and the looks. Riviera offers fine dining at a reasonable price and their daily specials are always worth checking out.



VegafeAn oasis for vegetarians

You probably guessed from the name that it’s a vegetarian restaurant, though they also have plenty of options for vegans. And their no-shoe policy makes you feel like you’re visiting a friend’s house.


BambukasUnpretentious healthy food for those on a budget

At Bambukas they really know how to cook delicious vegetarian and the options are infinite as the menu changes daily. Their pastries, cheeses and bread are also available as on-the-go snacks.


JaltaDown-to-earth fresh food

Jalta really has won the hearts of locals with its fresh and seasonal produce, and cosy and friendly atmosphere. P.S. Funky music and DJs
on the weekends!


Balti DrambliaiThe first vegetarian restaurant in Vilnius

Being the first vegetarian restaurant in Vilnius has given Balti Drambliai enough time to become well-liked among locals. They mostly focus on Indian food and they’re really good at it. Be sure to try their homemade ginger energy drink.

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