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Ümarlaua baar
  • Ümarlaua baar

Why locals love it?

So it’s 7 am, most of the places are closed and the parties are over. Well, think again! This dodgy little bar has just opened. You probably won’t find tons of people there, perhaps some fishermen and a couple of local regulars, but the atmosphere itself is worth the trouble.

Why you should visit it

If you are into alternative stuff and you love the smell of Soviet times, all you have to do is find this legendary place. Come join the other knights sitting at the round table, play some chess and have a beer or two.

Special tip

Be sure to try their speciality, boiled eggs and herring sandwiches.

Written by: Piret
Love it

Narva mnt 107 Tartu
  • Open: Mon-Sun: 07:00-22:00
  • Phone:+3727488283

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