Fragile Bar (στην ταράτσα)

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Fragile Bar (στην ταράτσα)
  • Fragile Bar (στην ταράτσα)
  • Fragile Bar (στην ταράτσα)

Why locals love it?

Bar on a rooftop with a view of the city centre, cool breeze on a summer night, small and big wooden boxes instead of chairs and tables, good music, a projector showing various scenes -e.g. from old tv series- on the wall... Isn't that enough to love it?

Why you should visit it

The building is located in the area with the most vivid nightlife of the city. The place is unique, because there aren't many other bars on the rooftop here. So you shouldn't hesitate to take a couple of minutes to go up the stairs, since there is no elevator. It won't be a boring way up, the walls are filled with graffiti and other decorations.

Special tip

The is no menu for coctails. Just tell the waiter, what you would like your coctail to be like, and he will suggest something for you.

Written by: Nadia
Love it

Βαλαωρίτου 27 Thessaloniki

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