What I should be aware of not doing in Abu Dhabi? And what are dos and don'ts?

By Local January 23, 2019
Abu Dhabi

What I should be aware of not doing in Abu Dhabi? And what are dos and don'ts?

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By Lateef Local January 23, 2019

I am expecting to settle in abu dhabi.

What should I do and not do in abu dhabi? and what are the consequences?

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Hello Mr Lateef,
UAE in general is multi nationality country so it’s accepting to all different people with different backgrounds and religions.

Abu Dhabi specifically which is the capital also has diverse nationalities however it’s a bit different than Dubai as it has in addition to the different nationalities the country locals.

There is no Clear Do and Don’t list however as the country is Muslim respecting the country religion and it’s culture and traditions is needed.

This include what I will mention and covers what I can recall as a local:
- Respect the religion and the culture and traditions as it’s an important part of any country specially Middle East I would say
- Following the dress code of every place where work cloth to be worn at work and causal at causal and most importantly beach cloth only at beach and wearing modestly in general for ladies and respecting the culture
- People of the country are generally peaceful but they don’t interact with strangers not because they are not nice it’s just because they are not used to but of course because of the globalization happening you would see people from every type. But keep in mind that all people are different and by being good to others other would be good to you as well.
- showing over affection to the other gender publicly is not accepted
- Taking picture of others without their permission is a criminal act
- Not respecting any religion however what it was also is a criminal act
Local January 23, 2019