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Coffee and Eating

By Traveller October 28, 2018
Addis Ababa

Coffee and Eating

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By Senthil Traveller October 28, 2018

Hello there,
Where in AA can one enjoy a coffee ceremony?
And where can one get good local food?

Thanks a lot

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Hi Senthil,

There are a lot of small places along the streets of Addis Ababa, especially especially around places where there are many people, where you can have your cup of coffee in an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony setting.

But, the real purpose of the Coffee Ceremony traditionally is to get together with neighbours and chat, it takes about an hour. Putting fresh green grass on the ground, burning Frank Incense, roasting the coffee infront of guests, presenting the smoke (aroma) to guests as a sign of being a welcoming host, ponding the roasted coffee by hand with mortar and pestle, inviting local snacks, and drinking three rounds of cups is part of a typical traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony.

If you know someone in Addis Ababa, it is better to experience Coffee Ceremony in a house so that you can really feel what it is. The small places on the streets don't show the roasting, pounding, brewing and all the related processes - they only have the setting and serve your cup of Coffee.

2000 Habesha Traditional Ethiopian Restaurant and Yod Abyssinia Traditional Ethiopian Restaurant are upmarket places in Addis Ababa where you can taste delicious Ethiopian meals.

I hope you get some idea now and I wish you a happy travel!!
Local Guru October 28, 2018
Hello Muluken,

Thank you very much. Yes, I read that the real ceremonies are witnessed at people's homes, and not at coffee houses. I don't know anyone in AA, but got hold of a guide through Trip Advisor and asked whether he could arrange that. Let's see what happens.
I just realized you yourself are a guide. Would you be able to arrange this for us? My trip is very short -- all in all about eight hours so we have about four hours in AA -- I thought I could see the archaeological museum, go to the mountain for some view of the city, go to the Mercato Market, enjoy a coffee ceremony and have some splendid local food. Thanks
Hi Senthil,

Thanks for replying!

I can arrange it in my house, or my family's. See if your guide can help you with it and contact me if he can't.


Muluken Girma
Hi Muluken,
If you were take me on a four-five hour tour of a museum, enToto, mercato and organize the coffee ceremony at your sister's place and a traditional lunch with kitfo, how much will you charge? It's for two people.

Dear Senthil,

Thank you for asking!!

For a half day tour of Addis Ababa including driving to Mount Entoto, visiting the National Museum of Ethiopia  (where the fossil remains of Lucy is kept in), Coffee Ceremony attendance, learning cooking Enjera (the Ethiopian national bread), and experiencing life at the best local spots of Merkato market, the price is 100 US Dollars for two people together.

If time allows we will drive in the main streets of Addis Ababa to see its historical monuments.

Price includes : -
- Comfortable private Toyota Corolla of 2003 equipped with air conditioning and seat belts
- Pickup and drop off where you want in Addis
- Entrance fee at the National Museum of Ethiopia
- Professional experienced English speaking tour (my time as your guide)
- Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony attendance
- Bottled water and local snacks in the van
- And related government taxes

Price does NOT include -
- Meals and drinks at lunch at one of the best traditional restaurants  (it is better that you pay for meals yourself on the spot). One Kitfo is about 300 Ethiopian Birr (~ 10 US Dollars)
- And any other expenses not mentioned above

Please, let me know if that is reasonable for you as well.

Thanks Senthil

Looking forward to hearing from you

With kind regards,

Muluken Girma