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Best option for local transport in city

By Traveller March 12, 2019
Addis Ababa

Best option for local transport in city

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By Gerda Traveller March 12, 2019

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2 answers

Dear Gerda,
If you are looking for local transport to move from place to place for the purpose of visiting sites in Addis Ababa, you can use private cabs (Blue and White ones are older but cheaper) and there are also Yellow cabs (more reliable and more expensive). Better organized (with mobile apps and websites) taxi service providers include ZayRide, Addis Meter Taxi, and Lucy Taxi.
If you want to experience local life in Addis Ababa, you may take the shared Minibus (Blue and White minivans) which drive a certain route and are cheaper than the above. But you have to know where exactly you are going (the local name of the area) and if these minibuses drive to the place from where you are OR if you have to take another taxi to get them.
Using the new metro is worth trying. It runs from Piazza (North) to Kality (South) and from Tor Hailoch (West) to Hayat (East). If you have a good map of Addis Ababa, using the combination of the Tram and Private Taxis, economical, experiential, and time-saving.
Piece of advice – (1) – as most big cities, beware of pickpockets
(2) Negotiate price with cab drivers – normally it is bargaining for price is how it works.
(3) For the mornings and late afternoons, it is better to plan what to use ahead of time and be prepared accordingly as most transport means of are used also by locals.
Have a great time in Addis Ababa!
Local Guru March 12, 2019
Local transport in Addis Abeba is a big issue. Morning and evening, you will have to queue for maybe one hour before possible to get in. Most easy and fast is taxi. Pick pick taxis are working by km. You can call them anywhere or download app. Otherwise, always negociate the price before getting in the taxi. For more info about Addis or other place in Ethiopia, you can contact me or have a look at
Traveller March 12, 2019