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Every Night Live Blues

Maloe Melo

Why locals love it

Maloe Melo is a blues café, what can we say? Step through the saloon like doors and enter the slightly dodgy bar. Tough men (and women) from the outside, but emotional and timid from the inside playing their instruments like the world depends on it.



Why you should visit it

If you're into live music and not scared of people with faces that tell a better story than most books nowadays, Maloe Melo might be something for you.

Special tip

Maloe Melo has mainly unknown, great musicians, but if you're lucky you can walk into a concert of a well known blues hero. Check the website.

Maloe Melo
Lijnbaansgracht 163

Mon-Su: 21:00-03:00

Fr-Sa: 21:00-04:00

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