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Going to Amsterdam at Christmas time for my 18th with my friend who is already 18 and just wondering how strict clubs a… Read more

emily September 4, 2022 answer

looking for apartment or small house for 6 people beginning of june for 4 nights

Fabsee May 25, 2022 answer

A café where you can purchase a snack or a cup of coffee is called an?

Nasra October 20, 2020 answer

It should be Indian, Indonesian, Thai.

Ranjit October 13, 2020 answer

Name your best place to do.

Ranjit September 28, 2020 answer

Your contribution to this will help me out.

Ranjit September 23, 2020 answer

Me and some friends are considering a weekend tour to Amsterdam and we are worried there won’t be much to do because of… Read more

Martin September 10, 2020 answer

Any idea what the name means or where it comes from?

Scot September 7, 2020 answer

Hi guys! Me (Entrepreneur from Berlin) and my friend Philipp (Salesman from Hamburg) are visiting Amsterdam for the … Read more

Jan July 29, 2020 answer

My friend and I are planning on visiting Amsterdam within two weeks and I'm wondering what the scene is like currently?… Read more

Aletta July 6, 2020 answer

I am a solo female travelling in Amsterdam, 4 guys today asked me can I ask you something? During day time and night ti… Read more

Juhi June 23, 2020 answer

Hey! I'd like to visit Amsterdam (when this $#itstorm calms down). Any suggestions on local food, street food, drink… Read more

David June 10, 2020 answer

So I will be traveling to Amsterdam in a while (after this whole thing calms down) and wanted to visit a sauna/spa ther… Read more

Roberto May 5, 2020 answer

I got tickets for the anne frank house at 17:45, not sure what time that is, need to get tickets for the Van Gough muse… Read more

Linda February 16, 2020 answer

It is situated in the heart of Amsterdam.

Anglinia February 12, 2020 answer

Any ideas for a nice tour or hidden gem for a marriage proposal

Alastair January 16, 2020 answer

We're looking for nice, not too expensive hotel in city center that is non-smoking and refundable deposit

Jean January 12, 2020 answer

What makes food spicy?

Sunil January 8, 2020 answer

What is the most popular Thai food?

Rishi January 8, 2020 answer

What are the best places in the Amsterdam to eat breakfast ?

Edward December 31, 2019 answer

What foods are you supposed to eat on New Year's Day?

Sunil December 31, 2019 answer

Would you eat thai food for new Year's Day?

Rishi December 31, 2019 answer

Lit! confused about where to celebrate my Christmas evening. Can someone suggest a perfect coffeeshop?

Jack William December 22, 2019 answer

What do you have for breakfast on Christmas morning?

Edward December 20, 2019 answer

What is the healthiest soup?

Sunil December 20, 2019 answer

How Celebrate you Christmas?

Rishi December 17, 2019 answer

Name your favorite shop of Amsterdam

Jack William December 6, 2019 answer

What's Amsterdam famous for?

Rishi December 3, 2019 answer

also recommend me few Coffee Shops in Amsterdam...

Jack William November 25, 2019 answer

What are the Amazing Benefit of Thai Food

Rishi November 25, 2019 answer

What is the best Indian Food in Amsterdam?

Sunil November 25, 2019 answer

Best Place for Breakfast in amsterdam?

Edward November 19, 2019 answer

I'd like to visit Ann Frank's house, the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Madame Tussauds and Rembrandt's house (plus any… Read more

Cheryl November 17, 2019 answer

You wanna try this Food? Then go with your Friend and Family to Taste this Delicious dish on Indian Restaurant Ganesha … Read more

Sunil November 11, 2019 answer

Why amsterdam is famous for tourism?

Rishi November 8, 2019 answer

I will be in town for a weekend at the end of November. Looking for a lounge bar for 30-40 age crowd. Any suggestions?

sebastian November 7, 2019 answer

Have you try Dutch Food in Amsterdam?

deblauwe November 5, 2019 answer

i love this Tofu Phad Phed. Its very Delicious. If you in Amsterdam must try this dish at Royal Thai.

Rishi November 4, 2019 answer

Have you Try King Prawn Tandoori? It is very Taste and Delicious.

Sunil November 4, 2019 answer

My rental apartment's PWN water connection is setup for my house address without the house addition - ie. Wolvenstraat … Read more

Ravana November 1, 2019 answer

What is the best thai dish in amsterdam?

Rishi October 21, 2019 answer

What is your Favourite Indian food?

Sunil October 18, 2019 answer

Hi, Im in town frm 9th till 12 oct Wanted to enjoy amsterdam at its best. Lookong for a local to tag along for 3 day,… Read more

Usman October 8, 2019 answer

what are the three food to eat the most?

Sunil October 7, 2019 answer

What is upcoming festival in amsterdam?

Jack William October 1, 2019 answer

I am 66, and still want the outdoors and meeting new people.I am not satisfied until i will find the wright spot. i … Read more

William October 1, 2019 answer

Hello everyone, Me and some friends are going to Amsterdam to have a good time, and so I was wondering where the best… Read more

Sarah September 22, 2019 answer

I just got back from Amsterdam and saw all these small silo-like structures along the canals everywhere. Most were cove… Read more

Joanne September 20, 2019 answer

I am looking some healthy food to eat. Anyone suggest me best place?

Jack William September 18, 2019 answer

Also for bachelor or bachelorette parties! We also offer stand up paddle board yoga! Come and check it out for yoursel… Read more

Anne September 9, 2019 answer

I am looking healthy food in amsterdam. any idea?

Sunil September 9, 2019 answer

What are the 3 foods to never eat?

Anglinia August 23, 2019 answer

Best place to visit in amsterdam?

Sunil August 23, 2019 answer

Hi guys, this will be my second time in Amsterdam, me and 2 girls from Costa Rica we will be 6 days next September, the… Read more

Edgar August 9, 2019 answer

This is my 2nd time asking (not sure if the first question got posted) ... I was recently in Amsterdam and came across … Read more

Neil August 8, 2019 answer

Finding The Royal Place in the centre of Amsterdam? Share your suggestions?

Sunil August 5, 2019 answer

What is the best breakfast place in amsterdam?

What is Your favorite Indian Food?

Sunil July 30, 2019 answer

Will be in ams inly for half a day from midday till next am... want to bike to Broek area and take photos... ( am a pho… Read more

TL July 28, 2019 answer

share the name of place that is must to visit.

Rishi July 17, 2019 answer

Best places to eat and drink in Amsterdam?

Sunil July 15, 2019 answer

Als je wilt zoeken naar het beste restaurant van Amsterdam, dan is het populairste restaurant in hartje Amsterdam, De R… Read more

De Royal July 11, 2019 answer

This is one of the delicious thai food dish.

Rishi July 8, 2019 answer

if yes, then share the name of the dish.

deblauwe July 4, 2019 answer

Which place you like most to visit for having thai food in Amsterdam

Rishi June 28, 2019 answer

What is your favorite place for Coffee?

Anglinia June 27, 2019 answer

What is the best place in amsterdam for indian food?

Sunil June 25, 2019 answer

Hi! I’m working at a travel startup. Private tours are a great experience, not all travelers can afford it. So, we deci… Read more

Kate June 19, 2019 answer

Which type of coffee is your favorite coffee?

What is your favorite smoothie?

Edward June 8, 2019 answer

What is your favorite dinner? Any suggestions

Sunil May 16, 2019 answer

Suggest me the best place for coffee in amsterdam?

What is your favorite breakfast food and drink combination?

Sunil May 3, 2019 answer

brief story of this day.

Rishi April 25, 2019 answer

What is your best moment in amsterdam?

Sunil April 23, 2019 answer

Hey. My photos look at

Lusi April 21, 2019 answer

Hello I am looking at the red light tour of Amsterdam. Can someone be my guide for this. Thanking you so much Vibha Jain

Vibha April 21, 2019 answer

Have some yummy names of restaurants in Amsterdam...

Rishi April 16, 2019 answer

I am looking for an architectural tour and/or an interior tour of a canal house and any other houses which might be of … Read more

Cheryl April 13, 2019 answer

Which fruit is called King of fruits?

Rishi April 9, 2019 answer

We all friends decided to go for food tour in Amsterdam. Suggest me best food places.

Sunil April 1, 2019 answer

give your answer in yes or no.

What are the best and quick healthy breakfast?

With whom like friends, family, relatives or others.

Rishi March 25, 2019 answer

What is the best breakfast which give boost energy?

tell what kind of breakfast you prefer to eat.

Anglinia March 13, 2019 answer

How do you rate any restaurant??

Sunil March 8, 2019 answer

Dear Local(s), we are a group of 6 guys from Munich doing a bachelor weekend in Amsterdam on the last weekend of Apr… Read more

Márton March 7, 2019 answer

Some tips to maintain the diet? Any suggestion..

Sunil March 6, 2019 answer

What are the best places to visit in amsterdam?

Jack William February 28, 2019 answer

My name is Marley BloO, I'm a musician from South Africa. I would love to hit up Amsterdam as part of my first intern… Read more

Marley February 26, 2019 answer

What is your favorite breakfast?

Jack William February 26, 2019 answer

Can anyone suggest me best salon/brand for Hair Smoothening in Netherlands (Almere or Amsterdam)? It would be great… Read more

Akanksha February 22, 2019 answer

I want a restaurant which can provide a business meet or other occasions in Amsterdam (Lange Leidsedwarsstraat).

Can i buy sim card with internet in Amsterdam Airport?what operetor you suggest, what are the prices

What are the healthy food which we can eat all everyday?Any suggestion.

In Indian dish what you have preffered at a big time.

Sunil February 15, 2019 answer

Is there any best tips that are useful and retains our diet healthy.

suggest me some marvellous places to celebrate this day.

Sunil February 12, 2019 answer

Hi I am planning for my achievement party tonight with my family. Is there anyone who helps me in finding it near me i… Read more

Best place to celebrate b'dy in amsterdam. Please suggest me.

someone, can suggest me the wonderful place.

Rishi January 31, 2019 answer

Looking for a PS4 parlour to play FIFA 19. Is there a place / cafe in Amsterdam that allows you PS4? have been to the … Read more

Kedar January 26, 2019 answer

Hi, I decided is time to purchase a property here in Netherlands. After Contacting some agents via Funda and selectin… Read more

Andy January 22, 2019 answer

Hi there! in july, i'm visiting amesterdam with some friends and my sister for her bachelor party. I'm looking for some… Read more

Rita January 16, 2019 answer

What is your favorite indian drinks in amsterdam?any suggestion?

tell the name of indian food and the name of place where you like to go for eat indian dishes.

Sunil January 2, 2019 answer

Best place for late night parties in amsterdam?Any suggestion?

Edward January 2, 2019 answer

Hello, I am coming to the city and want to get 2 tix for the game of Ajax-Real. can anyone help and explain to me what… Read more

Yoav December 30, 2018 answer

My sister and i booked a last minute trip during NYE. We are looking for a restaurant, bar or lounge... nothing too clu… Read more

Mackenzie December 30, 2018 answer

Will only be in Amsterdam between midnight and 8 AM, what can we do or see?! Thanks!

Hanna December 29, 2018 answer

suggest me the best place where to celebrate the new year with friends.

Sunil December 26, 2018 answer

I, Rakesh with my wife & daughter (youth) planning to visit Amsterdam during May 2019 first week for 10days. I m an Ind… Read more

Rakesh December 24, 2018 answer

Best bars/clubs for nye for a couple aussies?

kellie December 23, 2018 answer

Please suggest the wonderful places where i can enjoy full day.

Rishi December 19, 2018 answer

Hey guys, any recommendation of pub, club or party for new years eve, for a couple around theirs 35 years old?

Luiza December 13, 2018 answer

I am coming with friend this month to Amsterdam and like to know few disco clubs for 16 years of and above

mike December 4, 2018 answer

Hello everyone, I'm Traveling to Amsterdam on 3d of December, But my flight arrives at Dortmund airport early in the … Read more

Mariam November 27, 2018 answer

you enjoy more during dinner with family/friends.

Sunil November 26, 2018 answer

Are you going for fine dining-out in amsterdam with friends or family?

Rishi November 26, 2018 answer

Hi, me and my boyfriend are planning a trip to Amsterdam in January. He is 19 and I am 17 years old, and we were wonder… Read more

Lara November 19, 2018 answer

I own a gopro and I usually bring it with me wherever i go. What's the general policy in nightclubs, do people get fris… Read more

Irene November 15, 2018 answer

Hi, Im planning on doing a shoot for Bonne Suits, and I am still looking for locations. I'm looking for something urb… Read more

Maybritt November 14, 2018 answer

Hello, i will be spending the first day of new year at amsterdam, i wanna know if bars or coffee shops are open at that… Read more

petro November 12, 2018 answer

hi im sadham from india i need help plz do for us.i love my girlfriend last 2year her informed love matter to her famil… Read more

sadham November 12, 2018 answer

Hi, i am coming to Amsterdam today about 20:30 and I am staying till 13th also same time. I was wondering if there is s… Read more

Kornelije November 12, 2018 answer

We're a group of 6 30+'s who are still keen on a party but don't want to hounded by thousands of people while listening… Read more

Alister November 6, 2018 answer

I like Thai food. So give me suggestions

Rishi October 31, 2018 answer

Hi, I would like to find a restaurant to have dinner (2 pax) on Friday the second of November. On that day will be th… Read more

Tommaso October 27, 2018 answer

I am a 66 year old female and not much on walking. What are the best ways for me to see the best of Amsterdam? And ar… Read more

Kathi October 16, 2018 answer

My friend and I are visiting Amsterdam 31st October - 4th November. Are there any fun festivals or events going on? W… Read more

i'm planning a vacation in Amsterdam during October. Need some suggestions for must-see places to visit, fun activities… Read more

Krishan October 4, 2018 answer

I am planning to come to Amsterdam with my family. So, i want to know that when should i come? I mean which months are … Read more

Herman October 1, 2018 answer

I have heard a lot about Empire state building in Amsterdam. So, I want to know that what is inside this building that … Read more

Herman September 28, 2018 answer

I'm staying here for at least a year and I'd like to integrate properly, which also means making local friends. Of cour… Read more

anna September 24, 2018 answer

Hey everyone. Laying over in Amsterdam for a couple days in October. Wondering what the best way to get around will b… Read more

Joshua September 17, 2018 answer

Me and my friend are staying here. We want to explore Amsterdam more. So, can anyone tell me about good places where we… Read more

An Inactive User September 13, 2018 answer

I have asked many places and they tell me only men can have happy ending. I want a massage and a happy ending from a ma… Read more

Natalie September 10, 2018 answer

Hi. I am reaching Amsterdam tonight and will have one day (06th September) to explore the city. Need a companion....

Haseeb September 5, 2018 answer

Hello- I will be in Amsterdam on Saturday, what are the clubs for dancing for 16 + years old ?? Thank you

mike September 4, 2018 answer

Hi! Within a few days my niece and I will go to Amsterdam. We both like a good party and were wondering if someone ha… Read more

Elise August 31, 2018 answer

Hi. I am scheduled to visit Amsterdam during 2nd week of September and was wondering if i can get support from a local … Read more

Haseeb August 28, 2018 answer

Hi! I am living in Amsterdam for the next 5 months only and would like to purchase a second hand guitar to use during m… Read more

Ashleigh August 23, 2018 answer

I am going to stay in amsterdam for 5month, where can i find a reliable bike shop?

Yvonne August 20, 2018 answer

Hi, we are thinking about visiting Awakenings next year. Any ideas about accomodation? We are a "party" of 2 - so host… Read more

Judit August 14, 2018 answer

Any affordable accomodation idea for 2? Camping is optional (then we have to come by train)

Judit August 14, 2018 answer

It's my last day in Amsterdam and I would like to make it memorable. I was thinking about looking into a Food Tour and/… Read more

Carrie August 12, 2018 answer

My husband and I are going to be in Amsterdam for our one year wedding anniversary. We are looking for a place with gr… Read more

Colleen August 8, 2018 answer

Hi, I was wondering if any of you knew a good asian place near the center where I could eat some pho or sauted noodles … Read more

Lola August 4, 2018 answer

Im going to be stopping at Schiphol airport for 3 days, does the 3 day Amsterdam Travel Ticket include unlimited travel… Read more

Is there any place to see Tulip during October 2018?

Pramote August 3, 2018 answer

how can I get from Drachten to Amsterdam? what bus/train should I take?

Izabela July 26, 2018 answer

I am looking for a female travel buddy. I need someone to stay with me for showing around for 4 days. I am looking fo… Read more

Naaz July 22, 2018 answer

Hi, are there some suggestions for fun places to visit or local food to try? Any reccomendations on what to do plea… Read more

Mikaela July 19, 2018 answer

Hi I'm going to be in amsterdam 12th of August I haven't booked any attractions yet can I just book as I want to go

Mary July 18, 2018 answer

American professional male here. I've never been so coming in for a weekend and looking for a smart articulate female t… Read more

David July 18, 2018 answer

Best places for international bands to come and play and/or busk in Amsterdam??

Tara July 11, 2018 answer

We are staying in Laurierstratt nord holland arwa in August. Where is the best place for ua to get Breakfast? Thank you.

Amanda June 28, 2018 answer

My friend is moving to Amsterdam, what would be the best website to search for long term apartment rentals?

Sami June 26, 2018 answer

Required Product Name : Consumable Fresh Farm Eggs. Minimum quantity : 1 fcl x 40 ft container Egg Size : 50 - 55… Read more

Dhaivat June 4, 2018 answer

Would love to check out some local fashion lines (not just boutiques- the actual designers) if anyone has any labels th… Read more

Samantha May 31, 2018 answer

hi! i'm very interested in exploring local artisans and design stores while i am in amsterdam next week. does anyone ha… Read more

Samantha May 30, 2018 answer

I will be in the Netherlands during last week of June 2018. If there is an event in fitness, I would like to participa… Read more

Amitava May 24, 2018 answer

I plan to visit my friend in the USA in July. My flight will layover in Amsterdam for 7 hours! So i plan to take a shor… Read more

Noor Azlina May 23, 2018 answer

Hi, in 2019 I plan to study here in the Netherlands, something related to Audiovisual Media, but I don't know where yet… Read more

Tini May 13, 2018 answer

Hello! I'm travelling to Amsterdam this Saturday and I'm staying next 8 days. Do I need to bring my winter jacket, beca… Read more

Erika April 16, 2018 answer

I know it’s not a question of life, but does anyone know about a good and cheap solarium in AMS? E.g. in Hungary (Budap… Read more

Barbara April 13, 2018 answer

Hi guys! Is there any bar with good drag queen show? Me and my friends are coming in May to Amsterdam, and we would lik… Read more

Petar April 5, 2018 answer

Besides the additional cost of a 'skip the line' ticket for a museum (i.e. Rijksmuseum), is there any difference betwee… Read more

chip March 25, 2018 answer

Hey, I want to take an art assistant internship in Amsterdam, which contemporary art galleries would you recommend? May… Read more

Kate March 25, 2018 answer

I will be there for a few days starting May 4th. What do I need to do/see/experience??

Sean March 20, 2018 answer

H! Looking for restaurant recommendations in Amsterdam. No particular type but more European/Dutch food.

Ariana March 18, 2018 answer

Hallo! Can you give me link or email of shops that selling good olive oil and organic / gourmet food such as delicatess… Read more

Metaxas March 18, 2018 answer

Hi all does anyone know best cheap eat in diemen? Breakfast and lunch. If posible less than 5€/pax. Thx a bunch for you… Read more

Monika March 11, 2018 answer

Any reccomendations on what to do please ?? We’ll be going there from 6-10th march

Cheryl February 25, 2018 answer

As a couple, we were looking for some places to stay, near Amsterdam, so we can explore two cities in 1 go, while not s… Read more

Cheryl February 20, 2018 answer

Hello everyone! I m coming to amsterdam and i m just wondering if there are any metal clubs bars there to go ,because… Read more

Geo February 16, 2018 answer

I am bringing a group of 12 to Amsterdam to celebrate my birthday. Rather than a walking photo shoot which ties the who… Read more

Lilly February 10, 2018 answer

Birthday visit and I would like to organise a private boat tour for our group of 16 adults

Lilly February 1, 2018 answer

I am bringing a group of young at heart 40+ friends to celebrate my birthday. We are looking for somewhere to go after … Read more

Lilly February 1, 2018 answer

Looking for suggestions for a fun night spot for a young at hear group of 40+ adults celebrating a birthday

Lilly February 1, 2018 answer

If you are with a girl in her room on the redlight district do they have blinds so no one can see in ?

James January 31, 2018 answer

Hello! I’ll be spending a week exploring the area in mid-February. I’m staying around Huizen but thinking about catchi… Read more

nick January 30, 2018 answer

Hi guys, I will be in Amsterdam this weekend and thinks about going to Ajax match against Feyenoord on Sunday. Is there… Read more

Vlado January 15, 2018 answer

Hello, I am planning on three nights in Amsterdam in July, with my wife and kids. Will rent an apartment with Airbnb an… Read more

Ashok January 4, 2018 answer

We will go to Amsterdam on jan. 31, and we will be there until feb 4. We are looking for punk/hardcore concerts. I’ve f… Read more

Jóri December 29, 2017 answer

Hey guys, looking for a drinking mate on 29th of december who is up? First drinks are from me :)

Mehmet Zahid December 25, 2017 answer

Hi, I am heading over to the dam on boxing day 2017 for 3 nights to visit a friend who lives there. He is working durin… Read more

Hi, we are two friends traveling to amsterdam on new years. We are looking for budget hotel or apartment in main areas … Read more

Shobhika December 14, 2017 answer

Looking to experience a sex show in amsterdam with my partner but need help deciding which one is the better one to go … Read more

Stefania December 13, 2017 answer

I'm coming to Amsterdam on 23-28/12, and I have two questions : 1) Where can I buy a local SIM card? If I already have… Read more

Lilach December 7, 2017 answer

Hi everyone! I'm looking for a place to do a one day traveling exhibition, I'm looking for artistic collectives. Rock… Read more

Ḳā December 5, 2017 answer

Hi guys, i checked some shopping areas online and i found lots of places however i am limited with time i will be there… Read more

Heba December 5, 2017 answer

Hello! I will be traveling to Amsterdam in a few months and am looking to visit another city or two (within 3 hours dis… Read more

Ariana December 4, 2017 answer

I am visiting Amsterdam with girlfriend on the 26th of December, and we have an idea of the type of things we want to … Read more

Lewis December 3, 2017 answer

Is it safe to drink water from the tap directly or better to buy mineral water bottles?

Heba December 3, 2017 answer

Hi! On my honeymoon in oct 2017, i ate an amazing stuff. We bought that in a turkish fastfood place in Noord. It was li… Read more

Jóri November 29, 2017 answer

Hey guys,i am planning to travel back to my country for christmas holidays. my flight is from schiphol at 6:45 25/12. … Read more

Harry November 28, 2017 answer

Hey, I will be at Amsterdam during Christmas (21.12-25.12) and I have several questions. 1. Is it likely to rain or … Read more

A November 28, 2017 answer

Hi I am planning to visit amsterdam in the first week of january, but i am afraid to find the museums and parks closed.… Read more

Heba November 25, 2017 answer

Some places with vegan cupcakes

Anya November 19, 2017 answer

Could you recommend electronic music performance between the dates of 14-18 December?

Ece November 17, 2017 answer

Can someone recommend anything for NY's eve? I was checking events on 31st of December, and it is either sold out or ve… Read more

Paula November 13, 2017 answer

Hi, guys! We are a group of seven people arriving in Amsterdam on 30th November. We are going to stay in this hotel … Read more

Pavol November 13, 2017 answer

Tell me some of your favorite little local places outside the city center. I'm thinking about small cafes, little yoga … Read more

Ana November 12, 2017 answer

I will be in Amsterdam for this Christmas Eve and Christmas day. What events/parties are happening at night?

Arianny November 9, 2017 answer

Hello I’ll be in Amsterdam this Christmas Eve and Christmas day. What are some things to do in the night? Any parties? … Read more

Arianny November 9, 2017 answer

Dears, Where to stay for a budget of 150 Euros for one night but close to nice bars to chill .... Thanks Simo

Simo November 7, 2017 answer

Hi! We will go to Amsterdam on 31. Jan. Do you have a special must-do thing in Dam in winter-time?

Jóri November 7, 2017 answer

Hi Where can i buy Loqum/Turkish delight in Amsterdam? Thank you

Sarvesh October 30, 2017 answer

Does anybody know a good lounge place, where I could sing (I will be in Amsterdam from November, 11 to November, 17 ). … Read more

Ekaterina October 29, 2017 answer

Tours of country side, tulip fields, farms where cheese is made. Historic areas while in Leiden..we will visit Krukenho… Read more

Kathy October 24, 2017 answer

Urgent! Where can we take beautiful night pictures? Grachten and houses??

Kristin October 17, 2017 answer

How do i the photographer for 30-45 Euros per hour? I have my own camera as well if they can use it and adjust settings… Read more

Hazel October 13, 2017 answer

Hi! I am traveling alone and I will stay in Amsterdam 22 23 and 24 of October. I

Luly October 12, 2017 answer

Hiya, does anyone know of any fancy Rnb clubs to go to on a Saturday? Would like somewhere more dressy rather than urba… Read more

Alisha October 11, 2017 answer

I'll be in amsterdam, belgium, Paris and i need a SIM with data so i can use the map What's the cheapest deal and wher… Read more

Charbel September 30, 2017 answer

Hi guys, We're travelling with a few friends to A'dam on 18-19th of November (by the way not my first time héhé), I… Read more

Carlos September 28, 2017 answer

Hello, any must see churches in amsterdam?

Charbel September 27, 2017 answer

I'm visiting Amsterdam next week! Is there any deep house club that opens in the weekdays? if not, what's the best reco… Read more

Charbel September 27, 2017 answer

Hi, I am travelling to Amsterdam from Ireland next week and was wondering where is the best place to get a tattoo done?… Read more

Lisa September 25, 2017 answer

Im planning to stay in Amsterdam for 4 it good enough?

Sswarupa September 24, 2017 answer

Hey people! I'm about to host a friend of mine here in Amsterdam, but he's vegan and I'm not. I'd like to be a very goo… Read more

Iris September 23, 2017 answer

Hi there, in 2013 I've been to Amsterdam and found myself in a very nice store / shop / place to stay. I'd like to vis… Read more

Yari September 22, 2017 answer

If you could pick only one city outside of Amsterdam at which to spend a day, what city would you pick?

Tyler September 12, 2017 answer

What are some options for brunch? Authentic food. Old fashion. Where locals go! Thanks!

Samar September 8, 2017 answer

I am visiting Amsterdam this Friday to Sunday with my friends and we would like some recommendations for bars and clubs… Read more

Hello fellow travellers !! I was wondering if someone can suggest a good heavy metal bar in Amsterdam . Wherever i may … Read more

George September 1, 2017 answer

Hey Can you please mention the must visit spots in Amsterdam?

Anum August 31, 2017 answer

Im planning to visit amsterdam soon and i need female guide to show the city and nice places and be with me during the … Read more

Ali August 30, 2017 answer

Hey guys! I'm moving to Amsterdam next week and I'd like to know if you recommend shops that sell second hand bikes for… Read more

Camila August 22, 2017 answer

Hey, I'm leaving for Amsterdam tomorrow with my friends who are all 18, but im 17 and I was wondering if the security a… Read more

Dora August 21, 2017 answer

Hello guys, I'm a gay girl and I'm heading in Amsterdam for the Pride week. Any suggestion? Where's the best lesbian pu… Read more

Laura July 31, 2017 answer

Any good clubs to visit, if you're into rock, indie, electro or old school dance music (like from the 80'es & 90'es)??

Tine July 28, 2017 answer

Hi, I am going with the family to a place near Assen. I am looking for a nice place to go for a day tour (one to one … Read more

Gonen July 27, 2017 answer

Where is the closest store to central station that i can buy a tent (simple pop up type)

Pete July 25, 2017 answer

Hello everyone, at the end of August/beginning of September, a small filming crew (3-people) from Japan would like to f… Read more

Pete July 24, 2017 answer

Hi, me and my friends have booked a 7 days stay in Amsterdam but so far we have no itinerary. Can you suggest things to… Read more

Aparajita July 21, 2017 answer

Hiya 🐥 Next weekend i'm visiting amsterdam with my boyfriend and both of us are vegan, so i was wondering which restaur… Read more

Chloe July 21, 2017 answer

Hiya 🐥 Next weekend i'm visiting amsterdam with my boyfriend and both of us are vegan, so i was wondering which restaur… Read more

Chloe July 21, 2017 answer

We want to see Amsterdam of course, but what else is a must see or do in Netherlands? Which cities or places?

Annija July 11, 2017 answer

I may be taking a transit flight through Amsterdam soon, I have 12 hrs to spare between my flight arrival and departure… Read more

Tibrah July 5, 2017 answer

Hi guys! I am sorry for bothering you but when I travel somewhere I am always looking for the best options and I bel… Read more

Pavol July 4, 2017 answer

Hi, guys! I really appreciate your opinions on this situation. We are a group of seven people and we are going to vi… Read more

Pavol July 3, 2017 answer

We make excellent quality Balkalava caps made of pure wool. They are very rare and excellent for cold winters. Can some… Read more

Moiz July 1, 2017 answer

How is the commute from Buitenveldert to the center of town by public transportation? Can it be done by bike?

Elka and Eli June 26, 2017 answer

Can anyone advise on best option / train and bus ticket info please. From what I can see, I think this is the route… Read more

Martin June 20, 2017 answer

Which are the best wine bars in Amsterdam? Preferably something with a good view and/or terrace?

Sarvesh June 19, 2017 answer

How to get a public transport discounts if i want to go to Amsterdam from Eindhove by train?

Alexei June 18, 2017 answer

How to get a public transport discounts if i want to go to Amsterdam from Eindhove by train?

Alexei June 18, 2017 answer

Do I need an OV card or similar to travel on the bus or can I pay when boarding? Many Thanks...

Martin June 17, 2017 answer

Which bars can i go to on Thursday to meet people and have a good time

Sarvesh June 15, 2017 answer

Hello amsterdam ! Im looking for some recomandations for a good sea food expirience in amsterdam ! Thanks, Ronen

Ronen June 14, 2017 answer

Hello. I'm attending a special occassion this weekend and I need to know where I can go and have my makeup done. Really… Read more

Jenna June 11, 2017 answer

Hi, i`m flying tomorrow. I want to know about the best place to hear local music and see live shows. What i know alre… Read more

ronny June 11, 2017 answer

Are there places where people are allowed to create bon fires and have drinks

Jenna June 10, 2017 answer

Are there places where people are allowed to create bon fires and have drinks

Jenna June 10, 2017 answer

Hello, I was wondering if someone might be able to help with advice on the best way to get around Amsterdam? We a… Read more

Kevin June 8, 2017 answer

I'm traveling to Amsterdam with four friends in February. I would like to find an event to attend and meet locals.

Brianne June 5, 2017 answer

My husband, adult daughter and myself will be in Amsterdam in late July. We'd like to find out what the locals think a… Read more

Sandra May 31, 2017 answer

Which places would you recommend for a couple carrying a 3 months baby? I mean, good food with enough space to park a c… Read more

Bruno May 27, 2017 answer

I'm planning a trip for a project and I need some only local known spots to check out- thanks!

Malika May 26, 2017 answer

I'm looking for something like "The Heineken Experience" but after 8 pm. There are something like this?

Marcelo May 25, 2017 answer

Hello! Which boat tour would you recommend to a couple with a 3 months baby? Thanks.

Bruno May 24, 2017 answer

Thinking of getting a tattoo while I am visiting Amsterdam, can anyone recommend a good tattoo shop. I will be staying … Read more

Sean May 23, 2017 answer

I dont want to go on a big group bike ride. Is there someone in their 20s-30s that's cool that can show me around by bi… Read more

Jenn May 22, 2017 answer

I dont want to go on a big group bike ride. Is there someone in their 20s-30s that's cool that can show me around by bi… Read more

Jenn May 22, 2017 answer

Hi. Can someone recommend me boho-vintage-hipster style shopping streets in Amsterdam? Looking for some cool local desi… Read more

Kalev May 21, 2017 answer

I see there is a Mark&Spencer store at Kalverstraat. It has a foodhall. Would anyone know if the foodhall sells dessert… Read more

Melanie May 16, 2017 answer

Hi guys, could you please recommenced me some good design shops with kitchen solutions/interiors? p.s. (not stuff fo… Read more

Nataša April 24, 2017 answer

Do you recommend any local apps for visitors visiting your lovely city? :)

Sarah April 23, 2017 answer

Hi there! What local company would you recommend renting bikes from in Amsterdam? 🚲 🚲 Also, would like to just add … Read more

Sarah April 23, 2017 answer

Sadly I'm not flirting (You are pretty though!). But I think you can help me pack for Monday... so I don't look foolish… Read more

Sarah April 19, 2017 answer

I live in NYC so tourism is big here. We ask the tourists to be polite to the locals who live in the city. What are… Read more

Sarah April 19, 2017 answer

Hello, we are 3 friends ages 20-25. We would like to know how to spend the day, there including sightseeings, local foo… Read more

Andri April 18, 2017 answer

Hello, we are 3 friends ages 20-25. We would like to know how to spend the day, there including sightseeings, local foo… Read more

Andri April 18, 2017 answer

Where's the best quality-price ratio steakhouse in Amsterdam?

Sami April 18, 2017 answer

Where's the best quality-price ratio steakhouse in Amsterdam?

Sami April 18, 2017 answer

what are good places to go to get a good idea of the culture?

Rebecca April 9, 2017 answer

Are these good places to check out in April? Recommend any other places like this? Roest and Hannekes Boom. Also, I … Read more

Sarah April 4, 2017 answer

What do the locals do on King's Day? Where do they go?

Sarah April 2, 2017 answer

Spending 3 nights in Amsterdam, arriving on Apr 27th - King's Day (happens to be my friends birthday). Would love to kn… Read more

Jackie March 26, 2017 answer

Hello - just wondering if there are any good coffee shops in this area? - specifically looking for some brownies...

Naimah March 24, 2017 answer

Hello!! I'm traveling to Playa del Carmen this summer want to spend a few nights beach camping in a nice/safe campsite.… Read more

Alexia March 12, 2017 answer

I am curious how I can find a photographer to take picture of me proposing to my girlfriend... Any tips? Thanks in … Read more

Abraham March 11, 2017 answer

Hello, I'm going to Amsterdam for a 2 months internship and I need a place to live. So I'm looking for an appartment… Read more

Chloé March 8, 2017 answer

Hi, locals! I'm planning a Europe trip and would like to see Amsterdam without rain (don't laugh!!!). Ok, which do you … Read more

Ashok February 17, 2017 answer

Hello guys, My name is Chloe Bonfante and I’m currently a student at Toulouse Business School. I am looking for an i… Read more

Chloé February 3, 2017 answer

Hi all. I am looking for good recommendation for Sunday nightlife. Thank you

Sarvesh January 29, 2017 answer

Coming to Amsterdam on the 12th of Feb (Sunday) and leaving on the 17th (Friday) so I was wondering if there are any bu… Read more

Ina January 26, 2017 answer

I've a 4hr stopover in Schipol coming up soon. Where can I get some tasty food on a Monday night within walking distanc… Read more

Rob January 22, 2017 answer

Hey! I'll make an EuroTrip on June/July, so I'm studying the possibilities. One of it is stopover on Amsterdam and g… Read more

Victor January 3, 2017 answer

I have already been to Amsterdam before but it was at the weekend and also didn't go clubbing we just went to some loca… Read more

Jade December 18, 2016 answer

Hi Guys! I'll spend New Years Eve with my dad and some of his friends in Amsterdam. Can you recommend some kind of Di… Read more

Eva December 9, 2016 answer

Hi, I will be in Ams for this 2016 Christmas but it seems that most of the places and Christmas markets are closed duri… Read more

Nguyen November 27, 2016 answer

what the most recommended bars for students in amsterdam

Michael October 23, 2016 answer

I'm looking to travel to Amsterdam next September/ October. From a tourist who's never been to Amsterdam, I'm unsure on… Read more

Paige October 12, 2016 answer

Hello! What apps, websites do you use to know what events are going on in your city? And what to do in the weekends or … Read more

Vika August 30, 2016 answer

My partner and I are ending our visit with a stop in beautiful Amsterdam. It's the last night we'll be together for a f… Read more

Cassidy August 29, 2016 answer

Hi were 7 girls/women 30 y/o. We would like som fun different things to do? And also some nice restaurants, as tapas, a… Read more

Anna August 24, 2016 answer

How much can I expect to pay for a double room in a cheap hostel next month somewhere in septembre...? This would be li… Read more

pilar August 23, 2016 answer

Hi there! In the next few weeks I plan to go to Amsterdam to present my bags and accesories collection. Can anybody … Read more

pilar August 23, 2016 answer

Visting Amsterdam for 5 days as a part of a 15 day Eurotrip with another friend. Need to check cheap, but clean accomod… Read more

Aditi July 31, 2016 answer

hi are there many vegan restaurants? Is there a part of the city that has more vegan food? thanks noel india

We have signed up for a 2-hour tour of the Rijksmuseum on Thursday, 28 July at 10.30AM. We are not sure where we sho… Read more

Robert July 24, 2016 answer

Hello has anyone heard of a shop called Rescue near the centre. They sell men's and women's clothing. The women's is up… Read more

Amanda July 22, 2016 answer

Where the best bar to meet and chat with single women.

Emil July 6, 2016 answer

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