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Restaurant Recommendations

By Traveller August 8, 2018

Restaurant Recommendations

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By Colleen Traveller August 8, 2018

My husband and I are going to be in Amsterdam for our one year wedding anniversary. We are looking for a place with great food and drinks and a great atmosphere.

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15 answers

Prix D'ami No comments for this.
Local February 19, 2020
Thanks Edward.
Anglinia Local February 19, 2020
I know about Coffee Shop dear:
Local December 5, 2019
You can visit Drink N Sink. It is one of the best cafe and pub in Amsterdam. Here you can enjoy delicious food as well as drinks, great music, dance etc. One of the greatest advantage here is that you are also allowed to dance on the floor.
Traveller August 23, 2018
Amsterdam is a precious city. Many of the restaurants are located there where you can eat best food with your husband one of them is Royal Thai, if you want to enjoy Thai food then go with this.
Local August 20, 2018
There are many Restaurants where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with your husband Like Gandhi Restaurant, Ganesha Indian Restaurant, Royal Thai and many others. But, all these comes under popular restaurants.
Local August 10, 2018
I agree with the other poster who recommended Toscanini - it's one of the very best in Amsterdam, but reserve now, as it can be hard to get in if you try only a day or two before. You can reserve online, Google Toscanini Amsterdam.

If you're a foodie, there are a few other special restaurants as well that are not mentioned here - none of them are Dutch cuisine, because Dutch cuisine is nothing special at all:

1. Blue Pepper - it's an Indonesian restaurant but with the most amazing food. Not like your typical Indonesian. Someone told me that the owner's parents used to be the private chefs of the Sultan of Brunei and therefore in her restaurant, she cooks what her parents cooked for the royal family. Not sure if that's true or not, but it's a good story. Inventive and delicious. Have the rice table, it's a tasting menu and the food is truly exquisite.

2. Try one of the restaurants at the Okura Hotel. This hotel has 3 restaurants with Michelin Stars and the only Japanese Restaurants outside of Japan with Michelin Stars. Highly recommended are Sazanka (Tappanyaki) or Yamazato (traditional Japanese). Again, reserve in advance, online is possible.

Local August 9, 2018
Please let me know when you are planning to come to Amsterdam, that’s important for a right answer.
Traveller August 8, 2018
September 4-6
Hi Colleen,

A very good restaurant in Bordewijk Noordermarkt 7. A perfect Italien cuisine: Toscanini Lindengracht 75 reservations for both far in advance.
Also 212, Amstel 212 is very good. Or Brasserie van Baerle, van Baerlestraat 158.. make a choise and book, otherwise yo’re to late.

And please consider a private boat tour with my company . Also available for breakfast and lunch city tours.

I wish you a very nice visit to Amsterdam!
Whwn do you come, that’s important to know.
Traveller August 8, 2018
A couple of recommendations:
(1) Rijsel for an amazing wine selection and cool atmosphere (it's in an old school). Heads up it requires reservations.
(2) Janz inside the Pulitzer hotel is an old faithful, also recommend to at least stop in for drinks in the lobby of the hotel, it has incredible interior design.
(3) Jacobz which is in a non-touristy neighborhood and has amazing food & service (service is not a dutch strength).
(4) Vuurtoreneiland, which requires advance reservations but is super cool. My husband and I went for our anniversary last year. It's an experience- you get on a boat have cocktails and apps on your way to an island that used to be a world war 2 bunker, you have dinner in the greenhouse or in one of the bunkers (depending on the time of year).
(5) Cafe Plantage - I've never been but have heard great things, this is a restaurant with a view of the zoo
(6) rent a boat through mokumboot and bring your own wine and food to enjoy your evening. Boats are electric, you don't need a boaters license and the host will give you recommendations on various paths to take.

Hope this helps!
Local August 8, 2018
With No Doubt it's Rabaab Restaurant(
Local September 14, 2020
I like to visit prix d'ami. Great place and music. Food and drinks are also tasty. Must visit.
Local May 8, 2019
Coffeeshop dekroon is the best coffeeshop in amsterdam. They provide the delicious coffee and good atmosphere.
Local April 15, 2019
Prix D'ami is the biggest coffee shop in amsterdam, where you can lay down, relax and watch a movie. You can enjoy the great food and drink.
Traveller December 12, 2018
You can celebrate this beautiful day at Gandhi restaurant. It is one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam. Great food and variety of drinks are available here. Try to visit here and make your day more memorable.
Local September 10, 2018