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Zaanse-Schans: back to the past


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What does make Netherlands so special and memorable? A lot of travellers would definitely say: 'bicycles, endless tulip fields and, of course, the windmills!' And this is true :).

Duration: 4.5 hours
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  • Windmills, such as spicemill, oil mill, sawmill and dyemill, where you find out more about past and modern working process
  • Albert Heijn store - the oldest supermarket in the Netherlands;
  • Chocolate workshops, where you can taste delicious chocolate beer;
  • Cheese store, where you can taste local cheese and mustard;
  • Little farm with goats and hens;
  • Wooden shoe workshops, where you can watch the demonstration;
  • Antique store and pastry-museum, where you can try some local sweets;
  • A lot of beautiful yards and cozy green paths.

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Dutch landscape with a lot of old windmills and green wooden houses is definitely one of the most beautiful things to look at. Together with you we would like to travel back in time and enjoy this beautiful day in a countryside!

We will meet at the Amsterdam Centraal Station, from where we will take a train to the fairy-tale windmill village, which only takes 15 minutes to get to.
Over there we will have a huge amount of local sightseeings on the way and we will definitely try to visit all of them, strolling along an incredibly beautiful landscape with a view of polders, old wooden houses, movable bridges, wild swans and white lambs.

Our acquaintance with the village will begin with a visit of several old mills: spicemill, sawmill and dyemill. Let's become friends with one of the millers and learn the secrets of his work?
In Zanse-Schans we would like to tell you about history of the Netherlands in the Golden Age, trading routes of that time and explain why windmills have influenced the country's economy and, most importantly, why are they still important in modern times. Let’s find out more about traditions, local culture and cuisine, national holidays and favorite ways to spend leisure time in the Netherlands!
Let’s visit the wooden shoe workshop, where we can watch clog making demonstration? Or how about an incredible perfume made of spices in one of the local mills? Let’s smell it!
And of course, let’s taste some Dutch cheeses, waffles, chocolate beer and delicious anise liqueur!

During our tour, we will talk not only about the past of the Netherlands, but also the present, telling you about amazing innovations, agricultural technologies, amazing social and volunteer projects.

We will finish our tour at the Amsterdam Central Station.

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What’s included & not included

  • Clog making demonstration;
  • Cheese tastings
  • Train tickets (approx. 8 euro/person);
  • Windmill tickets (5 euro each/person);
  • Other tastings

Meeting point

Amsterdam Central Station (Amsterdam Centraal, Stationsplein, Амстердам, Нидерланды)

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Only if you want the best of the best!
Amsterdam is crazy popular town and so there are many tour agencies to choose from.
Most of the them are run-of-the-mill. “Your Own Holland” is *completely* different. Anastasia is in love with that town and knows more about it that (I suspect:) most natives. She will take you to cute little streets you would have never found yourself and answer questions you secretly wondered, but were afraid to ask (why so many buildings look like they are titling forward and how do you get a piano up the Dutch stairs?).
Not only she is super knowledgeable, she has a lovely personality and great organizational skills.
We’ve had three tours with her so far and every one was as different as it was amazing.
Pick this one.
You won’t be sorry.
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