Cover image of this place Darwin's Theory

Very small with a regulars scene

Why locals love it

This is a super cozy (small) bar tucked inbetween a couple of shops. There is an excellent selection of bottled beers and they make a nice drink. There is music playing on the jukebox and free popcorn. This place gets filled up on weekend nights and you will see people singing with the music.


Why you should visit it

This is a locals regular bar. Try to get a spot at the bar if it's available. You will find yourself in a conversation sooner or later. There seems to be people from every walk of life here. During the week it's much more relaxed and not as noisy. Good spot to stop off and have a quick beer while shopping.

Special tip

It's a little grungy looking, but worth the visit. Tuck yourself into a corner and do some people watching.

Darwin's Theory
426 G St (btwn 4th and 5th), Anchorage, AK 99501, United States

Mon-Su: 10:00-02:00

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