Cover image of this place Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Relaxing paved trail downtown

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Why locals love it

This is a great place to take a long walk, run, or go biking. You can get some great photos along the water and it's a nice long paved trail that any age group can do easily. People are pretty nice and friends like to get together for a walk to downtown.



Why you should visit it

The views are great and it's long but easy. Did I mention that it's free? What's better than that? You can rent a bike at one of the many shops downtown and take your camera with you for some great shots. Take some food out with you for a picnic.

Special tip

Keep your eyes open for wildlife. Not usually an issue if there are a lot of people, but the seagulls can get a bit pushy. The moose too!!

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail
2nd Ave. and H St., Anchorage, AK 99501, United States
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