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taxi apps & walking

By Traveller July 29, 2018

taxi apps & walking

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By Olivia Traveller July 29, 2018


are there any taxi app companies like Uber in Antwerp? i understand Uber does not operate there.

also where are the nicest places to walk around / stroll around?

thank you!

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2 answers

No uber in Antwerp.
Do you want to see nature or City?
Local July 30, 2018
bit of both would be great :)
Hoi should walk trough Middelheim park. It's full of art and the atmosphere is just amazing
Taxi apps i don't really know, bit the public transport is pretty ok.
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Local Expert July 29, 2018
are there any local taxi companies you'd recommend? do you have halo or lyft, if you don't have uber?