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Souvlaki at its best


Why locals love it

Elvis is a souvlaki shop. If you have tasted souvlaki already it's probably not like Elvis'. The whole shop is Elvis themed and the staff is super relaxed and friendly. They don't serve souvlaki with pita like most of the restarants, but just souvlaki with fresh fried potatoes, lemon and bread.



Why you should visit it

While staying in Athens you will probably go out in Kerameikos sometime. There are a lot of cool places around Elvis and the only place open late at night is this shop. It's the thing you need after drinking, and the square right outside is the ideal spot to enjoy your souvlaki.

Special tip

Between chicken and pork, i would definitely suggest the pork souvlaki!

Plateon 29, Athina 104 35, Greece

Su: 12:00-02:30

Mon-Sa: 12:00-01:00

+30 21 0345 5836
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