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Natural Soaps Handmade

By Traveller March 11, 2019

Natural Soaps Handmade

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By Habeeb Traveller March 11, 2019

hello friends :)

how are you
i love all locals who they are helping others

Please i need your valued information

i will visit Greece for first time and i have a lot of things need to prepare, but now i want to ask you about famous Natural soaps handmade in Greece, please recommend me around big three famous brand, But i am looking for Natural not chemicals.

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Hallo Habeeb,

There are a lot of brands of natural soaps. The issue is what smell you like. You can find with oil of olives or herbs etc. There is no specific brands maybe "papoutsanis" or "melira" but the best solution is to visit a shop specially for soaps.
Which area do you visit?
Local March 11, 2019
i am looking for solid Olive Oil Soap with some smell such as ( Chamomile - lemon - orange - Aloe Vera - Honey - Lavender - Rose - Cinnamon - Olive leaves - Turmeric ... etc)
If there are a lot of brands so can you give me where the place and what is the name of area in that place i can find more soaps?
i heard about Ηράκλειο.

if i can find it in Athens it is bitter
ELPIDA thank you soooo much for your quick and very good answer. actually the papoutsanis one of the right interesting for me.

I will visit Athens and one more city i didn't decide yet, after locals recommendations.

my visit dates 23 April to 1 May 2019
The most widespread and easy to find natural olive oil soap is Arkadi, which is found in most supermarkets in several forms: as big green bars for any use, grated for laundry use, and others including a liquid version. For bath I like Apivita, which is another widespread brand, a glycerin based formula mostly found in pharmacies. There are also small locally produced soaps at the chain Hondos Center, in the half of the store devoted to non-luxury products: usually a good selection of goats’ milk and olive oil soaps scented with essential oils, no particular brands that I remember but very rustic, maybe hand cut, and pretty good.

Unfortunately the famous brand Korres, though they tout natural ingredients, have strong, artificial, and in my opinion not very pleasant fragrances.
Local March 11, 2019
TANIA really i thank you also for the very good information.
the apivita really very good brand and this is one of my interesting for me.
Hallo Habeeb, please add me on Facebook. Stelios Koulis. It happens that I can get u in contact with a very high standards natural soap producer from Arcadia! Cheers!
Local March 11, 2019
Habeeb hallo! It happens to know the best homemade natural soap producer! You can add me on Facebook on write to me through Viber! FB profile Stelios Koulis and my number is 00306986479274.I will get the producer in contact with you.
Local March 11, 2019

there are lots of relevant shops in Hfaistou street and Pandrosou street. I am sure that you will find many things that interests you there. 🙂
Local March 11, 2019
Thank you so much MICHALIS for your very good information
i appreciate that