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Vending machine

By Traveller February 6, 2021

Vending machine

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By Mahmoud Traveller February 6, 2021

Can I buy vending machine is put it in the street? Or I should Have permission?

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You are not allowed to use the public spaces or street in any case. You can find a place by the street in a private place, so you have to pay a rent and on your case the electricity bill.
Also you must pay public insurance called EFKA (about 126€ per month for the first 5 years and at least 210€ per month afterwards), do the paperwork for economic services (you can do it alone without cost) and pay the chamber of professionals (maximum 100€ for the first time and about 21€ each year). Of course you have to pay the taxes once a year and the VAT every 3 months. Please note that you can sell most of the products but not all of them. At the end I would like you to consider the fact of vandalism, which is very common in the center of Athens. As a business consultant I will suggest you to rethink!
Local February 7, 2021
Well , I would live to think you for writing to me . I will think about it well