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Traveling from Kos to Australia

By Traveller May 7, 2021

Traveling from Kos to Australia

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By Panos Traveller May 7, 2021

Hi everyone,

Sorry for such a random question,

I am traveling Kos to Athens to Doha to Sydney, Australia which is my home country.

I have both Greek parents but an Australian passport.

I contacted Qatar that gave me a very clear and informational answer about the documents and if I need to do the PCR test for COVID-19 and they said no, I just need t quarantine for 14 days in Sydney.

However, I can’t get a good answer from Sky Express at all regarding this matter.

I’ve done the PLF from Hellenic Republic and from Qatar.

My question is, do I need to do the COVID-19 test BEFORE leaving Kos or can I do it at the Airport in Athens and/or Qatar?

When I called the clinic here in Kos they wanted €90 to do the test and to book 72 hours in advance - at least. However Sky Express and Qatar says it’s not needed?

I’m confused...

Thanks in advance

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So to make a long story short:
Haw anyone suggested that you have to perform a test in Greece before leaving?
From your text, it seems not.
If that is the case, I would go the airlines' advice.
Local May 8, 2021