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Stories for a book on Athens

By Traveller September 29, 2017

Stories for a book on Athens

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By Mikita Traveller September 29, 2017

Hello. I am writing a book, a collection of stories that will best depict Athens, Greece, Greeks and Greek life. I'll be visiting Athens Oct 23 - Nov 2. Can you think of any people you know I can talk to or places I can visit to grasp their stories and translate into one big story about Greece. I am interested in literally all aspects of life. It can be, I don't know, immigrants, jazz music, counterculture, artists, electronic music scene -- whoever and whatever works.

I will be grateful for your ideas, especially if you connect me with related people.

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Dear Mikita,

Alluring idea for a country and town with infinite stories, i could introduce you to some advanced age people ( film producer, radio producer, worldwide writer ), - i will need some more info about you and the book -, and you may contact with people such as Yannis Boutaris ( current mayor of Thessaloniki, very interesting figure with many stories to share ), hung out at Filion cafe in Kolonaki ( downtown Athens ) where a crowd of older very interesting personalities frequent.
And scroll around Plaka, Petralona, Monastiraki where you will definetely ''recognise'' the figures that have a story to tell.....

All the best,
Local September 29, 2017
Thank you very much. I'll send you a message.
i am in egypt and live there so i can tell you about places of imgration of egyptian pepoles in athens f u want
Local September 29, 2017
So great. I'll drop you a line.