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Best neighbourhood and site for long term rental?

By Traveller September 3, 2016

Best neighbourhood and site for long term rental?

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By Natalie Traveller September 3, 2016

My boyfriend and I are hoping to stay in Athens for 1 month (while working) from the start of November. We are looking for a non touristy area to base ourselves in which also has good options for shops, cafes, bars etc, and is generally a cool place to be. The areas we're looking at from research are around Monastiraki, Psirri, Petralona and possibly Exarcheia, although we read this could be a little dodgy.
Are we looking in the right places? Is there anyone in particular people would recommend?
Also are there any websites or contact for cheaper rentals? We ideally would like bright and airy 1 bed apartment.
Thank you for your help!!

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Thanks for all your replies. They are extremely helpful!
So the most popular consensus seems to be Pagrati, Koukaki and maybe Petralona.
We are working remotely (via wifi) so no worries regarding location here - we can base ourselves anywhere. And our budget is around 400 euros.
Will have a look in more detail based on feedback.
Thanks again!
Traveller September 3, 2016
Hello. I read all the comments here and I totally agree with DIMITRIS Thanassas about your work address influencing your decision on which place the flat will also be. I would also add the criterion of your budget affecting your choice of the neighborhood.
I would disagree with the option of Halandri or Hilarious, though! I would not call them middle class neighborhoods but rather costly areas without evoking an original, Athenian feeling!
In other words, you should definitely think in terms of a)proximity to your workplace, b)proximity to the centre of Athens where the vibe of the city can be experienced, c)proximity to a metro/electric train station and d)your own budget
Hope I have helped you. In case you need any more assistance while being here, feel free to contact me on my e-mail I live in the city centre and work just below the Acropolis .
Local September 3, 2016
Sorry for the typo "Hilarious". The word I meant to use was Holargos but there's auto-correction on my cell phone 📱....
Vicky Local September 3, 2016
Halandri might be an option.
30' from the center and including all things you are looking for.
Chryssi might be a good site for rentals.
Local September 3, 2016
A Good area and not so expansive is Veronas. We Just moves there to start living in Athens! Good apartments and good area.
Go to homegreekhome site , you will find a lot of apartments
Greetings Ingenborg
Local September 17, 2018
Monastiraki and Psirri are very central and very sketchy.
Exarcheia is kinda the same but more and more people start living there so there are more houses for rent available.
I would recommend Pagkrati, Ampelokoipi, Koukaki (near Syggrou-fix metro station) which are very very central, Neos Kosmos and Patisia.
I would also search further with real estate agencies.I don't really know how short term rental works, so maybe try to search further into it.
Local May 4, 2018
Nea Smirni
Local December 28, 2016
Well KOLONAKI,METS,and KOUKAKI in my opinion are your best options as far as convenience ,being in the center of everything and most important beautiful areas picturesque and safe
Local September 6, 2016
Hi Natalie,
I would recommend Pagrati for its close distance to the centre. It is a nice area and not touristy at all. You can even walk to the centre and it is well connected with trolleys. Closest metro station would be Evangelismos or Syntagma depending on the part of the area you are staying. It has also many nice squares with cool cafes and bars and it is relatively green for downtown Athens. In case you have more questions or need any assistance in terms of accommodation, feel free to email me:
Local Ambassador September 4, 2016
Probably koukaki and ampelokipoi fits better on you.they are close to metro stations.petrolona is a beauty but it has became a hype so the prices are up.
Local September 4, 2016
Hi Natalie,
My suggestion would be Ano Petralona and Koukaki. Ano Patralona is part of the cente rand it's very quiet and vibrant at the same time. It's right underneath Filopappou hill, it has some pedestrian walks, greek taverns, cool bars and more. Koukaki is not as pretty but it's located in the center very close to Acropolis. As you may already know the rentals are cheap so with a budget of 400 i think you have plenty of options.
Also don't forget that most flats in the center are very old and not renovated. In Ano Petralona the buildings are lower and not so roughly built as in the rest of the center, and therefor you might find them more convenient.
Good luck finding the right one!
Local Guru September 3, 2016
Hallo Natalie! I suggest that it is good to look for an appartment near your job if you are going to work here. From these areas u mentioned I would not include Monastiraki and Psirri (too noisy and tourist). Check also Faliro and Mets.

Local September 3, 2016
Natalie you can find cheap and descent accommodation on AIRBNB site, check areas as Pagrati, Koukaki, and also Kypseli, read reviews and choose the right for you. Some areas as Kypseli, or Exarheia are preferable for the younger travelers and they are fine because of the many cafes, restaurants etc and also the buses are the last years are often and with ac.
And check also in this site for accommodations
Check this site also
and Unlock Athens
Natalie you can find cheap and descent accommodation on AIRBNB site, check areas as Pagrati, Koukaki, and also Kypseli, read reviews and choose the right for you. Some areas as Kypseli, or Exarheia are preferable for the younger travelers and they are fine because of the many cafes, restaurants etc and also the buses are the last years are often and with ac.
Search for rentals in Pagrati, cool district 20 min far on foot from Syntagma, Psiri is noisy because of many bars, restaurants and caffes.
Must visit Psiri, Exarheia and Monastiraki. Exarheia is a real vivid traditional Athenian neighborhood there are many rumors about it but it is only rumors the district is really cool
Hello Natalie,
I suggest to start looking for apartment in Pagrati and Koukaki areas. Koukaki is close to acropolis museum but if go 200 meters away is not touristic at all, the best street to look is olympiou 11741 with lot of local cafes and bars. Also in pagrati behind kallimarmaro (stadium) especially varnava place.

p.s there is no greek site for short term rentals, try airbnb.
Have a nice stay in Athens.
Local September 3, 2016
Dear Natalie,

Your work address, will determine your home address.

- Monastiraki and Psirri are nice districts, but they are NOT "non-touristy areas"
- I would avoid Exarcheia, unless you like the sight of homeless, anarchists & junkies (especially in late-night hours). Also, you never know when the next anarchists-led group emanating from that area, will decide to throw their array of coctail molotov bombs against the "system"
- Petralona is nice, but too far away
- Check out Agia Paraskevi, Holargos, Halandri: these are middle-class districts, with lots of green, lots of shops, bars, eateries, nice people, and with their own Athens Metro station.
- LAST: do NOT stay anywhere you are not within walking distance from the nearest Metro Station. Athens buses are non-punctual, and overcrowded

Have an awesome month in Greece !

Best regards

Dimitris Thanassas
Local September 3, 2016
Natalie Hi,
For accommodation and suggestions of your stay in Athens, please enter our website In case you need nay further infos do not hesitate to contact us.
Local September 3, 2016
Hi natalie
I wish you could take place in metaxgoryo...
Its so great place close to city center and omonia the central of athens but cool calm and not noisey and you can wake to city center or take metro or bus and full of bars supermarkets and you can stay in home with greek nice people
Local September 3, 2016
Hello, Petralona is a good option and includes all you want. Gazi is near and there is several bars for the nightlife. Also as Kyriakos said you could visit and rent an apartment for the whole month.
Local September 3, 2016