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Athens for Foodies: The Greek Gastronomy Tour


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What better way to explore Athens than eating your way through it? Whether you are a passionate foodie or an intrepid traveller, this gastronomy tour will tantalise your senses! Discover the history of Greek gastronomy through beautiful neighbourhoods & off the beaten path artisanal eateries!

Duration: 4 hours
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If you want to get under the skin of a city, tasting and smelling is, without doubt, one of the most fascinating, fun and magical way of doing it.

Greek food has such a strong presence all round the world that I wasn’t sure how much I would learn (I’m just greedy, so I thought it would be a yummy day). What I hadn’t expected was the breadth and depth of knowledge our guide had, and - by contrast - just how little I actually knew! Greek salad in London (or anywhere else) has very little resemblance to Greek salad ...

Tiama took us from breakfast to dinner, from everyday peasant food to street food to elegant food, from savoury to sweet, from Greek coffee to mastika. We salivated over sesame bread, swooned over pita, breathed in the giddy smells of the spice market, crushed basil leaves between our fingers and learnt about herbs, ate olives so meaty I could almost go vegan if I had those in my life, went dreamy-eyed over thick Greek yogurt drizzled with thyme honey, and feasted on moussaka.

But it wasn’t just the food. As we walked round Athens, she wove the history of the city, its buildings, its traditions, its family life, its culture into the food we ate and tasted.

All this in just four hours. I could have read a book on Athens and not learned as much. I could have spent five days marching round with a guidebook and would not have learned as much.

I wanted another four hours, and then another four days of it! Tiama is absolutely superb as a guide. Her English is brilliant, she is funny, witty, brilliantly clever, and a lovely person to spend time with.

Thank you. Worth every single penny.
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Reviewed by Tamlyn


  • Explore the most lively part of the city: Athens Central Market
  • Visit traditional local food shops in non-touristic neighbourhoods
  • Discover the history and culture of Greek cuisine with your local, expert, foodie guide
  • Taste 15+ different Greek foods
  • Enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience!

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Prepare yourself for a mouthwatering journey to discover the secrets of world-renowned Greek cuisine.

This 4-hour experience will take you through picturesque neighbourhoods and local food shops offering secret culinary treasures. During the tour, your food-loving guide will share stories about Greek gastronomy and local culture.

You’ll taste 15 different types of Greek culinary excellence, including a traditional phyllo pie from a family-run place that has existed since the 20s, the dessert that was given to the winners of the ancient Olympic Games and Greece’s most famous street food! You’ll also discover the answer to the great debate: Turkish or Greek coffee?

Unlike many Athens food tours, you won't just be sampling mouthfuls. "Athens for Foodies" is a 4-hour Greek Gastronomy Tour where you will enjoy traditional Greek recipes such as stuffed tomatoes, moussaka, soutzoukakia, the dessert of choice for the winners of the ancient Olympic Games and more.

It is essential that you don’t eat breakfast & we guarantee there will be no room for lunch!

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What’s included & not included

  • Local food expert as your guide
  • Tour of Athens Central Market
  • 15 different Greek food samples
  • Anything else you’d like to order or purchase
  • Gratuities

Meeting point

Syntagma Square: in front of the fountain

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Authentic Greek Cuisine food tour - Not to be missed!
This food tour was my favorite experience from my recent trip to Greece. The walking tour began in Syntagma Square and ended in Psirri, stopping in several neighborhoods over the four-hour tour. The tour purposely avoided obvious selections (Gyros, Souvlaki), providing samples of Greek cuisine from places our guide, Elena, visited as a child and continues to visit as an adult. Most places we stopped had been operating in that location, specializing in one food item, for generations, now operated with children and sometimes grandchildren of the original proprietor.

Our tour group was small; there were only 3 of us. The portions were extremely generous and there was never any pressure to purchase the products we were sampling. The tour moved at a leisurely pace, but make sure you are wearing good walking shoes. There are plenty of opportunities to sit down, talk with each other while savoring each morsel. But that wasn't all. Later that night, Elena sent each of us a personalized email listing all 10 stops, their addresses and the name of what we tried. I highly and enthusiastically recommend this tour.
A Real Highlight of our Time in Athens
We scheduled an Athens for Foodies tour for four of us. Elena our guide met us in Syntagma Square, which was very close to our hotel. We really enjoyed this tour and it was obvious Elena was very knowledgeable and passionate about sharing with us the food and history of Athens. Her personal observations were enlightening and we toured amazing areas of Athens we would never have experienced without her.

We enjoyed a wide variety of foods, meats, cheeses, olives, sweets, pastas, traditional Greek foods like moussaka and dolmates and Greek coffee in many different establishments. We so enjoyed the food we returned to some of the restaurants again! Elena also sent us her favorite recipes of some of the delicious items we sampled.

Scheduling with these guys was easy and they were very prompt answering questions we had during the scheduling process. This was a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience and I would suggest it to anyone going to Greece.
Athens food tour
Had a lovely stroll around parts of Athens sampling delicious food. As other reviewers have said you go to places Elena had emotional connections with making the tour seem like sharing with her her experiences. She is very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic. It was a good page. Good amount of food. Full but not stuffed and unable to walk when finished! An alternative food was offered to a person with allergy. Very good experience. Would definitely recommend.
Only way To go !
Skeptical at first because most reviews and places that websites give you are not very reliable. Getting our own food tour we were exposed to so many cultural things and places to eat, that we never would have found otherwise. It's also a huge bonus to have someone guide you that is rediculously knowledgeable about the history and the food of Athens. We went to so many hidden gems that we would have missed by just looking on the internet.

Terrific Food Tour!
My wife and I and another couple took the Athens For Foodies tour. It was by far the best food tour we have ever taken. I can't say enough good things about this tour. For over 4 hours we walked around Athens, visiting bakeries, cheese shops, butcher shops, local restaurants and the famous Athens Central Market. We got to sample over a dozen delicious food items and beverages. And by sample, I don't mean one tiny bite per person. We had very generous servings at all of our stops. They are not kidding- you can skip breakfast before the tour, you definitely won't want to have lunch after the tour, and you may even think twice about having dinner that day! Anna and Nikos were perfect tour guides- extremely friendly, very knowledgeable about Athens history and Greek food and they are obviously foodies who love what they do. You may think that the cost is relatively high for a food tour, but it is worth every penny and you won't go away disappointed (or hungry)! Highly recommended!
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