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Arsenal vs tottenham 1st sept

By Traveller August 7, 2019

Arsenal vs tottenham 1st sept

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By Jade Traveller August 7, 2019


I’ll be in austin for a few days and whilst were here, we have a very important game to watch on sunday 1st september at 10.30am.

It’s usually shown in the UK on bt sport. Does anyone know a sports bar that will Be open that early and be able to show this game?

This game is massive, I cant miss it! :)

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Depends which side you're on :)
If you're a fan of Tottenham, you should go to Mister Tramps Pub. It's usually crazy over there.
Local August 7, 2019
Ouch, im offended you’d think I would be backing those yid’s! Will a loyal arsenal fan be welcome? Im staying in east austin, that’ll be a quick uber wouldn’t it?
Haha. You better not come close to Mister Tramps then.
Try The Tavern. Should be a quick ride!
Depending where you are staying and time of broadcast you may be in luck. You stated 10:30AM, is that Central time US or GMT? The bars don't usually open till 12PM Central on Sunday, but there are several restaurants as an option. Good luck!
Local August 7, 2019
It’s showing 4.30pm UK and 10.30am TX time. Thats my issue, i’ staying in east austin and all the bars that open from 10am on a sunday are about 20 minutes+ by taxi. Do you know of any on 6th street or in central austin? Thanks for your help :)
First, I am not a sports fan nor do I go to 6th st. Its just nasty like Bourbon St in New Orleans and too many aggressive homeless beggars. I did find an Arsenal fan - The Tavern, 922 West 12th Street & Lamar, w/ HH all day Sunday! But they don't open till 11:00. Take Uber, no taxi. Been there years ago, it was a good homey place. Good luck.