Cover image of this place Quickie Pickie

Tacos, Coffee, Beer

Why locals love it

It's a quick spot for breakfast if you're on the go and heading to work, or a great place to grab free WiFi and hang on the porch with a coffee. Their breakfast and dinner options are the best, and whether you're looking for some caffeine or a great local beer, they've got it.


Why you should visit it

The Quickie Pickie still holds the charm of a side-of-the-road quick stop, but it's so much more. Excellent breakfast options include tacos and larger plates, delicious coffee, and local bakery items. Hang out on the porch or escape the Texas heat inside. Swing by in the early evening for a cold beer and to taste their menu items.

Special tip

Try the vegan taco even if you're not a vegan. It won't disappoint with its pickled cabbage!

Quickie Pickie
1208 E 11th St
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