Ancient World Day Tour


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This tour will take you to the deep history to witness the past of Azerbaijan people from the Stone Age till XIX century.

Duration: 10 hours
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Tour by Nijat
Local Guru

I love Baku - its windy weather, magnificent architecture, mystical history and welcoming people. This city inspires me. I was born in Baku and have studied tourism and hospitality management.

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  • Baku
  • Gobustan
  • Maiden Tower
  • Mud Volcanoes
  • Ateshgah
  • Fire temple
  • Mardakan castle
  • Baku history
  • Petroglyphs


The tour starts in the Maiden Tower - the symbol of Baku by explaining how this building was used during centuries. From the heart of Baku, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage we are moving to another UNESCO site - Gobustan - a unique source of knowledge on the period from the 10,000 B.C. to the Middle Ages covering the fields of history, culture, art and archaeology.

The next destination of the tour is one of the World Natural Wonders - Mud Volcanoes which is followed by a short lunch break. The tour itinerary also includes Ateshgah - the holy place in Zoroastrianism. The "Fire Temple of Baku" has attracted fire worshipers for several centuries. Now we can visit this amazing place.

The tour is finalized in Mardakan Tower. This tower survived from a number of attacks, natural effects, and here you can feel yourself in the Medieval period.

What’s included & not included

  • Private transportation during the tour (except from Gobustan to Mud Volcanoes)
  • Entrance tickets to Gobustan Museum and historical site (petroglyphs)
  • Entrance tickets to Ateshgah and Mardakan Castle
  • Private tour guiding
  • lunch
  • taxi from Gobustan to Mud volcanos

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Awesome day with an awesome guide
Feeling a sudden urge for marshmallows next to an ancient flame temple. Driving a Lada in the middle of a muddy desert Safari. Climbing an ancient castle in flip-flops. Totally awesome day. We were so satisfied that we took another tour the next day to check out the old city and the local winery.
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