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I need to find exact location in Barcelona (for big gala dinner). It's a secret and I have to guess exact location. … Read more

Maarja October 13, 2022 answer

I hear shops will be closed on holidays. Where can we find panellets to try, as well as castanyes, moniatos, and muscat… Read more

Allison September 12, 2022 answer

Good afternoon! I would like to know if there is any train that comes from Barcelona airport to other cities like Tarra… Read more

Carol August 18, 2021 answer

I wonder if you can get it all and find a good paella by Barceloneta beach?

Zhanna June 24, 2020 answer

Hi all, We're visiting Barcelona for the first time. Could you recommend me some places for typical Barcelona break… Read more

Mimi January 15, 2020 answer

I did My NIE for extranjeros for the first time in barcelona and it expired in June and i asked in the policia they gav… Read more

ziad October 28, 2019 answer

I was curious if there is any advice on the best way to try to get out to do some sailing out on the water in either Ba… Read more

Aga September 27, 2019 answer

Hi! I work at a travel startup company Surprise Me. We create interactive self-guided tours in a mobile app because we … Read more

Ekaterina September 10, 2019 answer

Does anyone know the price of an iPhone xs max in barcelona ? And where to buy it from?

Yasmine September 8, 2019 answer

Hi, guys! Does anyone know where I can dance salsa in Barcelona on Wednesday? (4th of September, to be specific). As I … Read more

Victoria August 24, 2019 answer

i like to try hidden gems as opposed to touristy filled spots. great atmosphere......

Britt August 11, 2019 answer

in particular, * joyade nicaragua and *Gurkha Warpig. thank you :)

Britt August 11, 2019 answer

Is there a cinema in Barcelona that shows movies with original language and no subtitles? I will be grateful for any hi… Read more

Mads July 25, 2019 answer Thank you for your help! Robert Schilder

Robert July 20, 2019 answer

Hi guys, sorry for bothering you with a question like this but can anyone help me with the following? I am searching fo… Read more

Pavol July 12, 2019 answer

Is there somwere to watch the CL-final outside in barcelona today?

Ole June 1, 2019 answer

Hi could anyone tell me what the weather is like in september Thanks. Sue

susanne May 17, 2019 answer

Hello l wondered whether anyone could advise me. Im thinking of staying at Novotel Barcelona Cornella Les Corts and Ca… Read more

susanne May 17, 2019 answer

Hey, i'm coming to barcelona for the summer. Looking for a job, prerfer a nanny or waitress role. Any tips how to find?

Gaia May 8, 2019 answer

Hi all! I will be in Barcelona with my 7-yr old daughter coming Tuesday and Wednesday. Apart from the usual Aquarium… Read more

sander April 28, 2019 answer

Any buffet restaurants that are worth the money?

aimilia April 18, 2019 answer

We are 10 boys having a bachelor trip to Barcelona mid of July, we will visit the offsonar, but also want to do other t… Read more

Riccardo March 25, 2019 answer

What are some free tourist places to check out? (Parks, museums)

aimilia March 25, 2019 answer

We are looking for train tickets from barcelona to figueres. I cant really figure out the railway sites.What is the off… Read more

aimilia March 25, 2019 answer

Hey, could someone please tell me great gay bars/pubs/nightclubs to go? Thanks!

Léo March 20, 2019 answer

Hi there, Could someone recommend me great veggie restaurants to go?

Léo March 20, 2019 answer

Looking for reasonable places to eat, probably on the healthy side too :)

aimilia March 5, 2019 answer

Any cool thrift shops that are worth checking out in Barcelona?

aimilia March 5, 2019 answer

Hey, I've just got to Barcelona. Can anyone recommend some cool blues/jazz bars? I'm staying near the purple line tetua… Read more

Martin February 22, 2019 answer

not so expensive and ideally with these traditional dishes: Bacallà amb samfaina,Arròs negre,Mandonguilles amb sípia,F… Read more

Na February 17, 2019 answer

¡Hola! Residentes de la Barceloneta, Barcelona, me gustaría quedarme en el área de la Barceloneta mientras estudia. ¿Po… Read more

Natalia February 14, 2019 answer

the best place to try criadillas in Barcelona or other cities?

Na February 9, 2019 answer

I’m here in Barcelona for 3 months and want to get away from the typical American scene that’s at opium Shoko etc. I’m … Read more

Ray January 30, 2019 answer

I will be visiting barcelona for 4 days in april.. im interested in art, music and activities if not too expensive. Ca… Read more

tai January 17, 2019 answer

Can anyone take my wife and me on a 3-4 hr walking tour to see and learn about the city, different places, interesting … Read more

simon January 15, 2019 answer

Hi- What are the clubs in Barcelona for 16 + years old ? Prefer R &B , Hiphop or techno Thanks

mike December 24, 2018 answer

I'm going to be in barcelona this week (19 december-..), What things I can do at nights in barcelona? I want it not to … Read more

Niloufar December 16, 2018 answer

Anyone know football club can accept me to join, or an academy of football i can join , I'm 19 years old

ziad November 14, 2018 answer

Is a trustworthy site to bye barcelona pass and tickets for other attractions?

Άννα November 10, 2018 answer

I would preffer thai, japanese, mexican, peruvian, argentinian or chinese cuisines :)

Rokas November 5, 2018 answer

My friends and I are visiting Barcelona in April and we would like to rent bikes at least for one day to go arround Bar… Read more

aimilia October 25, 2018 answer

I´m staying a week in Barcelona in November, I´m going with my family, but my cousin is also coming, he's 25 and I´m 20… Read more

Paula October 21, 2018 answer

arriving in barcelona with 2 kids soon inshahAllah and would be staying over for 4 nights. any suggestions on places t… Read more

MUHAMMAD YASIN October 15, 2018 answer

arriving in barcelona with 2 kids soon inshahAllah and would be staying over for 4 nights. any suggestions on places … Read more

MUHAMMAD YASIN October 13, 2018 answer

I am arriving early in the morning and only have the from 9am to 5pm to tour the city before catching my flight.

LI October 12, 2018 answer

What are the good areas to find an airbnb in Barcelona.Most of the central ones are crazy expensive.Im looking for area… Read more

aimilia October 9, 2018 answer

Hi guys, my friend and me would like to visit Priorat on October 17th. We have specific locations around Gratallops we'… Read more

T September 24, 2018 answer

Are there any flea markets in Barcelona happening every weeKk? I am in Barcelona 4th Oct to 7th Oct (Thursday to Sunday… Read more

Serene September 23, 2018 answer

Are there any spiritual shops in Barcelona that sells tarot/oracle cards in English? I dabble in oracle cards/chakras a… Read more

Serene September 18, 2018 answer

Hi all! I will be visiting Barcelona for about 3 days in the 1st week of October (thursday to saturday) and am curious … Read more

Serene September 18, 2018 answer

Hi all! My second question! So I’m aware that In Spain, dinner typically begins pretty late (9pm) and in the late after… Read more

Serene September 11, 2018 answer

Outaide of Sangrada Familia and Parqu Gruell, what are must sees and eat? I land at noon on a tuesday and fly out on Th… Read more

tim September 11, 2018 answer

Hi guys! A little help. I was planning to book a room at this hotel called Evenia Olympic Resort for a bachata festival… Read more

Serene September 9, 2018 answer

Hi all! Just curious whether 3 days in barcelona is enough to see some beautiful sights in the city, before heading out… Read more

Serene September 9, 2018 answer

Dear all, what will the weather be like in end September? Is it super sunny? I will be visiting Barcelona on 26th Se… Read more

Serene September 9, 2018 answer

I'm going to have a few days to see the city and am looking to stay in a Youth Hostel that is located in a decent locat… Read more

Ya'ara September 8, 2018 answer

Hey lovely people! I am looking for few motivated individuals to guide a group of people and show them this lovely city… Read more

Kamran August 16, 2018 answer

i love wine and would love to grab some great catalan wine. looking forward to hearing your suggestions! thx, te… Read more

Teresa August 2, 2018 answer

We’re a family of 6, so the budget is a little tight for tourist-trap style of restaurants. Looking forward to eat tapa… Read more

graciela July 17, 2018 answer

Dears, Please contact my if anyone can advice a successful travel company in Barcelona (outbound tourism) On behalf of… Read more

Mariam July 16, 2018 answer

Dear locals, which sightseeing should visit a tourist for the first time in 2 days?

Mariam July 13, 2018 answer

Hi! We are a young couple from Amsterdam and we would love to know what are the best clubs/ bars to go to that have … Read more

Emma June 25, 2018 answer

Where is Can Mano restaurant

John June 17, 2018 answer

Will be staying in this section in the IBIS hotel. Looking for good restaurants & Flamenco dancing.

Steve June 7, 2018 answer

Hello, My name is Jay. i and my husband will be visiting Barcelona and we will be there in first week of June for 2 and… Read more

Jay May 31, 2018 answer

What are some of the off the beaten path restaurants?

Karen May 30, 2018 answer

Anyone who can help with getting access to bar mutis?

da May 25, 2018 answer

Is there someone who can split these attractions into 2 tours. We arrive in Barcelona on Sept. 4, in the morning and w… Read more

Margo May 20, 2018 answer

Which place you can recommend for a great Indie-night? Prefer smaller locations in the city and love to dance

Markus May 12, 2018 answer

My husband, friends and I will visit lovely Barcelona in September. We have been there before and just fell in love wit… Read more

Donna April 2, 2018 answer

Hi folks, Which (preferably cheap yet well rated) stay would you advise for two young people ? (Can be any sort of r… Read more

Carlos April 2, 2018 answer

My husband and I will be in Barcelona for 4 days in May and want to experience local culture but want to see all the ma… Read more

Shutt March 27, 2018 answer

any tenis fanatics here thst can help find people to hit with? my level: itn 5, utr 8

Darnell March 27, 2018 answer

Hi, are there any clubs that have a cool vibe with a sort-of mature crowd (I mean not crazy loud people acting all drun… Read more

Magda March 22, 2018 answer

So, it's the 2nd day of spring in NYC and there's a snowstorm! Is the weather out there super cold, is it normal? I kno… Read more

Magda March 22, 2018 answer

Hi, I'll be visiting end of March 2018 and I wanted to buy some nice fun, trendy, fashionable pieces while I was in Bar… Read more

Magda March 21, 2018 answer

Hello there, We will be Barcelona for 2 days/4 nights and I am so confused where to eat. I am a foodie and so are my ki… Read more

Nenu March 14, 2018 answer

Hey, we will be in Barcelona from this Sunday (18th March) until Thursday (22nd). Looking for ideas of vibey bars/rest… Read more

John March 14, 2018 answer

Family of 5 and have some questions: 1. Is Barcelona a stroller-friendly city (meaning not a lot of cobbelstone streets… Read more

Gia March 13, 2018 answer

Good tapas and paella at an affordable price near. Carrer de Còrsega 302 08008 Barcelona Radomon Hostel

Jamie February 25, 2018 answer

I'm looking to buy the paperback version of Call me by your name in english but can't find it in Budapest. I figured I … Read more

Jázmin February 18, 2018 answer

Hi locals! Just wondering what bars locals go to for a bit of live Music? During the week? Thanks!

Ren February 17, 2018 answer

Hello eveyrone, who know Barcelona? Are there any design markets, or fairs with independent brands in the city? Pop-up… Read more

Lenka February 17, 2018 answer

Hi guys, I have 8 hours in Spain, what should I go or to do ? :) But the main problem that I land at night around 22h..… Read more

Vaida February 12, 2018 answer

I'm traveling next week. What clothes should i bring with me?

Jázmin February 12, 2018 answer

Fenty's site says that fenty beauty is avalaible in spanish sephoras. Is it usually in stock? Thanks xx

Jázmin February 11, 2018 answer

Hi guys, I love Barcelona! The Gothic, Barceloneta, Raval- they are all beautiful and so much fun. However, they are be… Read more

T February 8, 2018 answer

We have a group of Turkish travellers that will be transported via luxury coaches around the city for 2 days. They requ… Read more

Andrew January 29, 2018 answer

Hola all! I'm visiting Barcelona in March! Can someone advice on best night clubs and places to visit?

Greta January 17, 2018 answer

I already know the shops near Plaça de Catalunya..

Fran January 14, 2018 answer

Want to find some authentic but not expensive places to taste it.

Valerie January 9, 2018 answer

I need to buy a phone sim, my is not working, please anyone know a place from where can i get it today?

Nida December 26, 2017 answer

I landed today in Barcelona, any places open today to visit?

Nida December 26, 2017 answer

I bought tickets for me and my friend for the match FCB vs Athletico in March. This will be my 1st time so advise pleas… Read more

Krzysztof December 11, 2017 answer

Hi all, I'll be arriving in Barcelona on Christmas Day with my sons. Would you have any suggestions on cheap restauran… Read more

Sharifah December 7, 2017 answer

Hello, I am currently new in Barcelona and I am currious if somebody could give me some good tips where to stay for… Read more

Patricie December 1, 2017 answer

Hello, do you have any suggestion for new year's eve? We are looking for a place with dinner and party. Not big club… Read more

Mariza November 29, 2017 answer

Hi. I am currently working on a project and need some help regarding the top attractions in Barcelona.It is mainly rela… Read more

Elina November 28, 2017 answer

Hola a todos! As you can see, I'm a local from Barcelona, but since there's quite a few people here, I thought I wou… Read more

Mizar November 15, 2017 answer

Hi guys! I'm currently in Barcelona and I'd need a new leather jacket because I've worn the last to the end so to say. … Read more

Nea November 10, 2017 answer

Hi, are there any clubs in Barcelona where you can go dance salsa/bachata/kizomba in the week (Monday-Thursday)? Any re… Read more

Sophia November 8, 2017 answer

Hi Guys! I'm off to BCN for New Years with one of my friends. Both girls, we loove wine and good food and are looking… Read more

Sophie November 8, 2017 answer

Magic Fountain light show , Do we need tickets in advance. If so from where, can't find anything about tickets on the… Read more

Anne October 30, 2017 answer

Does anybody know a café with a backroom or a quite corner where we (6 people) can sit, talk and work for hours? We are… Read more

Stephan October 30, 2017 answer

I am travelling with my 5 month old baby. Do We need a babyseat, if we wanna go by taxi? Or do the taxi driver have one… Read more

Ela October 28, 2017 answer

Staying in the Gothic quarter next week, one of our party can't walk to far, Suggestions please for some night life. … Read more

Anne October 26, 2017 answer

My friend and I came across this sleek boutique with blouses and tailored skirts with leather pockets by walking around… Read more

Lora October 18, 2017 answer

Hey there! Tomorrow, my friend and I are leaving for Barcelona, where we'll be spending about a week. There are tw… Read more

Luka September 13, 2017 answer

Does anyone know if any food shops/supermarkets will be open tomorrow? Also, do the buses still operate? Thank you for … Read more

Lewis September 11, 2017 answer

Will be visiting Barcelona in min-October for 2.5/3 days and am trying to see the Gaudi monuments as well as the Raval,… Read more

Serene September 6, 2017 answer

Hola! Hi! Which are the best non-tourist places to visit and experience the real local life? (sights, food & drink).… Read more

Marlon September 6, 2017 answer

Next summer i will finish the high school and i have plan to come in August to...(i dont know yet how long time) to liv… Read more

maria September 2, 2017 answer

Want to book transfers from airport to hotel 4 people 5 bags, hotel to cruise boat @ terminal WTC 6 people 7 bags and t… Read more

Caroline August 24, 2017 answer

Any places anyone recommends tonight

Chris August 19, 2017 answer

Hi, me and my friend are going to be in Barcelona 6.9-11.9. Can you please reccomend us what we "must" visit and see?… Read more

Božena August 15, 2017 answer

Which is in a better location? Which has a better pool?

Heidi August 7, 2017 answer

hello.. party of 3 one vegetarian bordering on vegan.. any super local places where all of us will be happy? Not touris… Read more

Priya August 6, 2017 answer

Answer: A new way to enjoy a meal break after visiting the Sagrada( Familia in Barcelona, Sp… Read more

Khalid August 4, 2017 answer

Hi, Somebody know where can i sell my own art (collage). Street or market or small gallery. Im from Belgium. Websit… Read more

Younes August 3, 2017 answer

Hi everyone! My younger brother will be studying in Geneva Business School campus in Barcelona which is exactly near P… Read more

Mostafa July 26, 2017 answer

Hello everyone, I´ll be in Brussels on October and wanted to go to Barcelona. How is the best way to do that? Train? Fl… Read more

Nathalia July 21, 2017 answer

Hi! Anyone have some advice on where to get a decent lunch for a decent price? Also, what is your favourite hidden … Read more

David July 19, 2017 answer

Hi guys. I am visiting again Barcelona and I would love that you share some insights places to visit by foot.

Carmen July 19, 2017 answer

Staying at hotel Barcelona Catedral in the Gothic Quater Don't want to spend €19 on breakfast so any recommendations … Read more

Anne July 11, 2017 answer

My daughter and I are in Barcelona for the next week, and we love music! We would really like to find a nice local plac… Read more

Tanja July 10, 2017 answer

My daughter and I are in Barcelona for the next week, and we love music! We would really like to find a nice local plac… Read more

Tanja July 10, 2017 answer

Hello! I know this is for Barcelona, but Peñiscola isn't an option. I'll be there for a week, at the end of the month, … Read more

Jennelle July 9, 2017 answer

If you had one day in Barcelona where would you go?

Val July 5, 2017 answer

Where do the locals go to party? Not interested in a big club just something smaller but lively.

Katie June 19, 2017 answer

We are into more RnB type music or Latino music. We are 18 year old. Which clubs are the most 'turnt' around Barcelona

Chloe June 11, 2017 answer

Hi! How we can go to Madrid ftom Barcelona? Maybe some services like blablacar?)

Daria June 7, 2017 answer

Is there some nice street or area where local designers are selling their products, such as jewellery, bags, dresses, e… Read more

Kristel May 26, 2017 answer

Anyone know places to party or go out on Monday (5/29) or Tuesday (5/30) in Barcelona?

ChaCha May 24, 2017 answer

Where can I watch the game tonight?

Hosam May 10, 2017 answer

We are very excited for this tour! I have booked two days in a row BUT we want to CANCEL our reservation for Monday 5/1… Read more

Terri May 6, 2017 answer

Hello everyone, I am visiting a friend in Barcelona and their is a few day were I will be alone because she has to work… Read more

Marina May 5, 2017 answer

Hello everyone, I am visiting a friend in Barcelona and their is a few day were I will be alone because she has to work… Read more

Marina May 5, 2017 answer

Hello :)) I wonder is there any cool market/fair specially for designers (accessories, fashion, etc) , that You can… Read more

Louise May 4, 2017 answer

In the center of Barcelona, I am looking for the name of the shop that makes artistic compositions with photos creating… Read more

Hello! In July I will be staying in Barcelona, El Born. I'm a woman, 49'years and would love to go out. What would be a… Read more

Paola April 25, 2017 answer

Staying in the Gothic quarter with 3 elderly people One who can't walk to far, I'd appreciate recommendations for nic… Read more

Russell April 23, 2017 answer

Staying in the Gothic quarter with Elderley reletivies for a family reunion ,one has difficulty walking far so would ap… Read more

Russell April 23, 2017 answer

Hey there! I'm staying in Barcelona for few days and would love to visit some bar with a nice local atmosphere and musi… Read more

Nikola April 20, 2017 answer

Hey , i'm looking for a nice place to watch el classico on sunday , any suggestions ? (:

Ramzes April 19, 2017 answer

We are staying in Gracia and I would love to experience the neighborhood!

Jackie April 14, 2017 answer

Hi! I'm going to Barcelona for a week. Can you please recommend some places like vintage shops or markets, or outlets … Read more

Kirill April 6, 2017 answer

Hola, What is customary tipping for restaurants, bars, taxis and hotels in Spain? Gracias, Mike

Mike April 6, 2017 answer

Hello :) im considering at the moment about moving to bcn, but I wonder about job opportunities, where can I take a loo… Read more

Louise April 2, 2017 answer

I'll be in Barcelona at the end of May and this will be my first visit. I'd like to try local food in local atmosphere.… Read more

Soheil March 30, 2017 answer

What locations does the tour visit

Carolyn March 26, 2017 answer

is there any club or bar with trap or dubstep?

Anna March 25, 2017 answer

We are on a stag do over easter from fri-mon. We are going to Opium one night but want an alternative too for harder ho… Read more

Thomas March 21, 2017 answer

Hi! :) If I told you I was considering moving somewhere nearby Barcelona and that I adore places that are calm, tra… Read more

Luka March 20, 2017 answer

Hiiii! I am going to visit Barcelona 15-19 April, but this is during Easter. Is it possible to visit Camp Nou, Sagrada … Read more

Kim March 19, 2017 answer

Hi! :) I'm a person absolutely in love with Barcelona! I've been there three times already and I'm sure to return t… Read more

Luka March 13, 2017 answer

Hola, I'm travelling to Barcelona with my boyfriend for my birthday next week. I would love to learn how to make real S… Read more

Shazmin March 13, 2017 answer

Hieee We would want to try the local dishes of Barcelona but we eat Vegetarian food ( No Chicken, Mutton, meat, fish, … Read more

Aashisha March 4, 2017 answer

Hie I am Aashisha. I and my husband are coming to Spain for 13 nights. We are landing on 3rd April to Barcelona. We ar… Read more

Aashisha March 4, 2017 answer

Hi! My friend and I are planning on going for a 2-week vacation this year. We've decided to visit Barcelona and are … Read more

John March 2, 2017 answer

I am coming to Barcelona in May. I love travelling like a local, I want to know the spots the locals go, the hidden gem… Read more

Bethany March 1, 2017 answer

I am taking my teenage boys to Barcelona for their Christmas vacation. Are there any interesting things going, on at th… Read more

Sharifah February 24, 2017 answer

I'm looking to get dreadlocks done when I'm in Barcelona and just wanting to know if anyone knows anywhere that does th… Read more

Tianna February 20, 2017 answer

Hi. I'm looking for a quiet cafe to study in, where I can grab a coffee (and maybe a snack) and sit and work without it… Read more

Katie February 15, 2017 answer

Hola :) I'm looking for a reliable and experienced accountant in Barcelona, who speaks English or (I know I have little… Read more

Sara February 15, 2017 answer

I'm going to Barcelona on the 3rd of March and I ll be with my girlfried. On the 4th will come her birthday and i would… Read more

Alberto February 2, 2017 answer

Hi, I'm 18 years old and I'm going with my friend to Barcelona for few days in May. It will be my second time in Barc… Read more

Maria January 28, 2017 answer

Hi guys, I'm coming to Barcelona in Feb 17' with my girlfriend (both 25yrs old) and just wanted some info on a few … Read more

Mani January 14, 2017 answer

Recommend a local bar where you can dance as a couple, that is cozy and 'Spanish'.

J January 10, 2017 answer

Hey guys, I'm planning a trip to Barcelona in Feb 17' with my girlfriend (both 25yrs old) and just wanted some info… Read more

Mani January 10, 2017 answer

Hi there, I'm coming to Barcelona by myself soon and I would like some tips on fun things to do in the evenings (mu… Read more

Dorien January 4, 2017 answer

Dear all, perhaps you could help find some not too overpriced, yet charming restaurants near Carrer de Paris/Diagonal m… Read more

Marina December 19, 2016 answer

We are a young couple 24 & 26 yrs . We will arrive in Barcelona on 6th January for 4 nights. We are not too much into a… Read more

Ashish December 16, 2016 answer

Will be coming 3rd December weekend have already booked into razzmatazz vip and opium but not sure where is the best? D… Read more

Ajay November 29, 2016 answer

I'm looking for a cooking course for me and my husband. We can make it at 10 of December for 1/5-3 hours, around 18.00.… Read more

Ekaterina November 23, 2016 answer

So... My plan is to land in Barcelona in Christmas day (because flights are cheaper and it's my birthday, so I really w… Read more

My husband and I am visiting Barcelona for the first time. We are a young international couple and want to stay in a hi… Read more

Jessica November 11, 2016 answer

Hi guys we are a big group of friends going to spend the New Years Eve in Barcelona and we would like to learn how to g… Read more

Selin November 8, 2016 answer

Hi Guys, Since I am a vegetarian, could anyone kindly suggest good restaurants that has vegetarian food please? Than… Read more

Gabrielle November 4, 2016 answer

Hi all dear locals:) I would like to experience BCN as much "localish" as I can. I love underground stuff, but searc… Read more

Andrea October 30, 2016 answer

Hey there! I'm looking for some electronic (house, african house, tech house) music bars, where djs play sets. Any tip… Read more

Sophie September 21, 2016 answer

Hi there :) I’d love to hear your suggestions for unique things to do in Barcelona – things that aren’t usually lis… Read more

Jessica September 19, 2016 answer

We are looking for a professional, hungarian speaking local guide in Barcelona . If you have information , please conta… Read more

Madeira September 9, 2016 answer

not so expensive cafes to eat national food in barcelona

Meko September 3, 2016 answer

Hi I am visiting Barcelona soon and wondered which location I should choose for my accommodation?

Melissa August 30, 2016 answer

My wife and I are traveling with our two children and 5 suitcases. Not wanting to travel by taxi, what are the best op… Read more

Howard August 21, 2016 answer

I am wondering about the name of a shop in El Born near the Picasso Museum. The logo is black and white, like a circle.… Read more

Cathrine August 18, 2016 answer

Where can I order online a cryptogram T-shirt? Thanks

John August 16, 2016 answer

I'm interested with artisan shops that hand make their wares; leather works, etc. Where can I find them?

Howard August 14, 2016 answer

We will be spending a week in Barcelona next September. So far this it my itinerary: day 1: Gracia/park guel day 2: v… Read more

Dominique August 7, 2016 answer

We love sushi and as a tradition we need to eat sushi at least one time on each vacation. Can you recommend a good plac… Read more

Elisabeth July 29, 2016 answer

We may have 5 days or less in Barcelona this August and want to make the most of it. Seeing sights, eating great food a… Read more

Howard July 27, 2016 answer

Are there any good jazz clubs in Barcelona? Or maybe any jazz concerts happening tonight?

Katrin July 24, 2016 answer

Hi, I see that Uber doesn't run yet in Barcelona. Any tips on getting from the airport to the Hotel Arts? Are all the… Read more

Harvey July 21, 2016 answer

We are going to be staying down near the Hotel Arts, and like to walk to places. I'm not clear if by being by the wate… Read more

Harvey July 21, 2016 answer

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