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Locals favourite breakfast places?

By Traveller January 15, 2020

Locals favourite breakfast places?

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By Mimi Traveller January 15, 2020

Hi all,

We're visiting Barcelona for the first time. Could you recommend me some places for typical Barcelona breakfast, where the locals go to? We would prefer savory food but sweet breakfast would also be fine.

Thanks in advance :)

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3 answers

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Traveller February 12, 2020

Breakfast, Is not a big affair here in Barcelona usually a cafe con leche and croissant would be our first breakfast usually around 8:30 to 9:30. then maybe a little snack around 11:300 to hold you over till 14:00 for lunch our biggest meal of the day. Make sure to save room for the menu del dia best value around 12 to 14 euros 3-course meal with wine or beer. that being said if you are if really want to do brunch here is our link for you to read. I hope this helps you, all the best - Eye on Food Tours Team

Local January 15, 2020
Granja Petitbo
Chicha Limonà
Elsa y Fred
Local January 15, 2020