moving to BCN

By Traveller April 2, 2017

moving to BCN

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By Louise Traveller April 2, 2017

Hello :) im considering at the moment about moving to bcn, but I wonder about job opportunities, where can I take a look, or maybe there is some job agency that you can suggest.. :)
thanks. .x.

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Hello Luise, i work in michael page, a consultancy recruitment company. It depends a lot which kind of job you are looking for. As you are from shengen are you can work directly in Barcelona, so it should be easy if you know spanish languange
Local April 7, 2017
thanks a lot :))
is there any opportunities, if I have only english at the moment? cuz im going to learn spanish ;)

Barcelona is great and there is a lot of movement in the job market. I recommend you to come :)

Local April 4, 2017
thanks a lot :) \
maybe You have some great suggestion, where can I look for some opportunities :) (in english, cuz im going just to start to learn spanish)