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Can you speak Turkish and be a daily guide to 80 Turkish travellers?

By Traveller January 29, 2018

Can you speak Turkish and be a daily guide to 80 Turkish travellers?

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By Andrew Traveller January 29, 2018

We have a group of Turkish travellers that will be transported via luxury coaches around the city for 2 days. They require a Turkish speaker to guide them around the following tourist attractions in Barcelona.

Visiting: La Padrera
Sagrada Familia
Casa Batlo
Parc Guel
Poble Espanyol

Including: Lunch and Dinner

Can you help?
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Barcelona’s main language is Catalon, so most tourist don’t know what the locals are saying, lol. It is overall a friendly place and people will try to assist you with hand gestures. Your best investment will be a 15 Euro sim card with internet so that you can use google maps and translator. Warning - be very aware of your personal items in the Gotham district and by the main strip of the beach. Tourist are easy targets for pick pockets. You with google translator, you will be fine speaking Turkish
Local February 2, 2018
Thank you so much for contacting.
We are providing electric bike tours. We do not speak Turkish but you can feel free to bring a translator on the tour, who would go for free.
We can organize a tour for 80 people for half day. This tour would include: the old town, park Ciutadella, la pedrera, la sagrada familia and casa Battlo.
If you would like to bike to the Park Guell it would be a full day tour in which we could include the poble español as well.

Feel free to ask anything else you would like to know.

When are you planning on coming ?

Warm regards,
Barcelona eBikes
Local January 30, 2018
Hi there Andrew, I´m so sorry but I don´t speak Turkish, I speak English perfectly as I am British. I can ask around for you if you wish but I don´t know if I will be able to find anyone. If not, like I say I speak English if your clients speak English, then you could count on me
Local January 29, 2018