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Queen's Film Theatre

Why locals love it

Fed up with your standard typical Hollywood blockbuster? Queen's Film Theatre (QFT) has the alternative, with a range of art house, indie and world cinema movies. It is Belfast's own small independent cinema, just opposite the glorious Queen's University. The QFT also offers learning event with talks, lectures and workshops.



Why you should visit it

Small and intimate, with an awesome range of movies and events. There is a bar and coffee shop, for those who prefer a glass of wine over buckets of coke and popcorn. The programme is well thought out, with lots of English language films as well as many others from all over the world.

Special tip

Mondays are cheaper, every film just for £4.

Queen's Film Theatre
20 University Sq, Belfast, BT7 1PA, United Kingdom

Mon-Su: 18:00-00:00

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