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where is the park?

By Traveller June 1, 2020

where is the park?

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By ihsan Traveller June 1, 2020

hey. I am looking for a park. there was a small coffee shop in it and was full of families. it was in a high class neighbourhood. There were villas around. And it wasnt much away from the city center. But it is not a touristic place. Very local.

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I have three parks on my mind, one is Hajd park, another one is Topčider and 3 rd one Kušutnjak, these areas are not ao far from Dedinje area full of villas in Belgrade. Check it online on google maps maybe
Local June 1, 2020
It wasn't the hyde or Topcider. It was not a big thing. I just remember the playground for kids just outside of the cafe.