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Visitng berlin 27-30. October

By Traveller October 18, 2016

Visitng berlin 27-30. October

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By Sherry Traveller October 18, 2016

What should I do?

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Here is the answer I once gave someone else here, they reported benefitting from it. Hope the same fate befalls you. Alright enough weirdly dramatic talk, here goes:

"Here is the program I prepared for my mum and sis when they visited me. This is very exhaustive, I'd be suprised if you need any other resource after this.

You'll notice a lot of them are tours, do not actually join all of them, but consider them as pointers to areas worth exploring:"
Local September 8, 2017
Take the card which allows you all the transport for the number of days that you will be there. We did the free walking tour starting at the Brandenburg gates. It was done by someone that lives there. It was great. There is a lot of them on the net if you want to choose what you are interested in, but we did the city tour.. We also did the sachsenhausen tour witch was very interesting. We did the hop and off, yellow line so we could stop at different places. Don't miss the charlottsburg palace if you like nice flowers and arrangments in parks. You just have to walk in the back, no fee, to see it. And we also saw the graffiti wall on the west side. Impressive. Go eat in the Jewish quarters and walk beside the canals afterwards. Very cute! Hope this helps.
Local July 24, 2017
Hi Sherry,
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Sorry, I realised Ialready ansered you below ;)
Go see check point Charlie and the remaining Berlin wall museum just a few blocks from there. The Brandenburg gate is always a very interesting place to visit, as long as you do a little reading about it first. The tier garten is a very nice place to go walk around in and maybe have some lunch there. If you're into gluten free eating, They have the best gluten free bakery I have ever been to, all you have to do is search for that on google. If you have time swing by the Reichstadt building is a pretty impressive structure but you have to pay to go to the glass dome and there is usually a long line to get in. enjoy.
Local October 19, 2016
If u like techno; Beghaim. And do a touristic bike tour
Traveller October 18, 2016
Do yourself a favor and don't go to Berghain. The queues are endless and full of tourists hoping for the best Berlin experience. As a tourist, chances of getting in are very slight. And while it may be good, is it worth it? There are so many other equally good techno clubs. If you really like techno, check resident advisor and honor the club with the best line up for you. The only reason you should go to Berghain is because there is a dj playing you really want to see. This will increase your chances of getting in immensely. Otherwise you will just be a party voyeur with no connection to the club night and in the worst case, the bouncers will sniff you out
Hallo Sherry,
What shouldn't you do is the question ;)
But if you are interested we run tours through the local neighbourhoods, eating authentic Berlin cuisine and learning about Berlin culture both past & present.