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Visit Berlin 2-5Nov

By Traveller October 26, 2016

Visit Berlin 2-5Nov

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By Yurii Traveller October 26, 2016

can u show me the best city in the world?

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Hi there,

Sure! I know a few locals in Berlin, supercool people!!

What are you after Yurii? Is there a part of town in particular where you would like the local to take you..?

Local October 27, 2016
Unfortunately I'll be busy working. I wish you a great discovery of Berlin. One of favorite place to chill is the Yam beach, if the weather is good it's nice to have a drink while the day. I enjoy going at the Urban Spree Gallery. If you like Vintage check my blog out .😊
Walking along the east side Gallery. Have a look at the "broken" church at zoologicher garten (ubahn). The red bridge of warschauer area. The Michel Berger hotel to drink a coffee or something regreshing. The 2€ photomatons everywhere... Have fun. 👍
Local October 26, 2016