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a place to stay in berlin

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By katja Traveller June 6, 2018

Me and my friendgroup are coming to berlin late july, but we have a problem. There is 12 of us and we are all some pretty poor students so we need a place to stay thats not expensive and could fit all of us. Any suggestions?

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2 answers

Hi Katja. 12 persons together might be little bit complicated but what about the big amount of cheap hostels or youth hostels in Berlin f. a. https://www.google.de/travel/hotels/Berlin/MAE/place/16716396593072774158?q=Hostel%20berlin&rp=OAE&hl=de&gl=de&ictx=1&un=1&hrf=CgUIlgEQABICCB4iA0VVUioWCgcI4g8QBhgGEgcI4g8QBhgHGAEoAFgBcgIIApoBEgoIL20vMDE1NnESBkJlcmxpbnpICgUIlgEQABICCB4iA0VVUioWCgcI4g8QBhgGEgcI4g8QBhgHGAEoAFgBcgIIBJoBEgoIL20vMDE1NnESBkJlcmxpbpIBAiABkgECIAE&tcfs=EiwKCC9tLzAxNTZxEgZCZXJsaW4aGAoKMjAxOC0wNi0wNhIKMjAxOC0wNi0wNxgCUgVVAAAAAA
Did you check such cheap hostels via platforms like hrs or at least google. I guess they offer rooms for less than 30 € per night.
Bob Local June 6, 2018
Hi, 2 girls can stay at my place while I stay at my partner's. Not sure if that helps.
Nathalie Local June 6, 2018