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Traveling between the 10th-15th of November

By Traveller November 9, 2016

Traveling between the 10th-15th of November

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By Noa Traveller November 9, 2016


My boyfriend and I will be arriving tomorrow 😄 it's my 3rd time in Berlin and his 4th so I was wondering if you have some cool tips of things that are less familiar


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West kreuzberg, go to Gneisenaustr. You can walk around but I recommend going up Friesenstr. to Tempelhof. It's the only, rare, street that hasn't been destroyed during the war so buildings are typical from what should Berlin look like if the war hadn't happened.
More west, I LOVE Park am Gleisdreieck. It's a new park built along old train tracks.
It's cool you can walk, skate, bike and go back to Mitte, and checkpoint Charlie.
I hate Checkpoint Charlie, haha. But their are some gems. Like the tempodrom is a nice architecture to see, Crone Gallery is cool, and Wilehlmstr. is the old head office of the all "Hitler Team". It's apparently where Hitler shot himself, of course you can't see much of that today. If you are into history, and reminds of this period, it's interesting.

I don't know much about west Berlin. It's way more German. There are some "to see" things like Bikini, etc. I just never go there and don't quite like the atmosphere.
I would recommend schwarz cafe though. Nice people, good food, historical place, opened 24h.

Local November 10, 2016
Mitte is cool, just walk around and discover little coffees, restaurants and librairies. There are nice people and passionate people all over. Ah, if you don't know this one already, I recommend to walk around Chamaleon theater. It's inside a Gallery. It's nice, the architecture is great, the Kino is actually super small and cool (You can have a beer inside, while watching the movie).
Not far, Hummus and Friends is my favorite hummus in Berlin. It's very very good. And they are from Israel, they don't take it loosely.
If you cross the street from there, you can already go to the nicest part of MonBijou park, along the spree.
Ah ! Not many people know that but Merkel is actually living nearby. Kurpfergraben 6, along the spree. You can discreetly look around, there are policemen and women, but also civils who are protecting the area. But it feels very casual and normal :)
huuum, Wedding ! The only (but super hyper nice ) place I know is Panke Culture (
Hope all of this helps. If you've been there many times, I just recommend you to get lost.
Oh you might like this app :
I didn't use it yet because I am actually in New York for a month but it has been created by a friend of mine. Parties around you, from people like you and I opening their house to everybody.
Have fun guys :)
Local November 10, 2016
Hey Noa,
Welcome in Berlin !
It depends where you are staying at.
I would recommend in Friedrichshain to check the bar Süß War Gestern. On weekends there is a very cute market at Boxhagener platz. Go check the sunset at the bridge Modersohnestraße. You can avoid Mauer Park honestly.
The folkspark Friedrichshain is a must go if the wether is great. Around 2pm or 3pm, Just go for a stroll along the ponds. They have nice coffees (Pavillon im Friedrichshain or schoenbrunn).

Fab Lab Berlin, Where I used to work, is an incredible place to go. It's an innovation center and they have free tours on fridays at 5.30 pm. Check it out :)
Not far there is the 8mm bar, always cool to go have a beer, or Bar 3. Less Fancy but really Berlin thing to do : Schmittz is a bar where you can play pigpong (Table tennis) all night long (I've been there until 7am, it wasn't even about to close).

In Neukolln, I like Richardplatz. Coco Liebe is a must go for lunch, or brunch on weekends. I love them, they're pretty little, make good food, are nice...Prachtwerk is a cool coffee/bar with wifi. So you can have a break there with or without computer. They make amazing soups. Alter Roter Löwe Rein is a local, super nice bar, from 9pm. Super smoky though because you can smoke inside.
Up Neukolln, more around Maybachufer, Check the Gallery Spektrum. They make innovative cool art. People are cools, no tourist, real Berlin arty vibe.
Have a stroll around you'll find nice bars and coffees.

Local November 10, 2016
Hi there,

For not-firstimers our CityUnscripted local host Francesca recommends visiting the Hamburger Bahnhof, which is an old station converted to museum

Also, you may want to try my fav bakery Zeir fur Brot which is a bit off the beaten path - best pretzels in Berlin to me.

Enjoy Berlin!
Local November 9, 2016