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Looking to travel in October, suggestions please?

By Traveller July 2, 2018

Looking to travel in October, suggestions please?

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By effa Traveller July 2, 2018

Hello all!
My husband and i are planning a trip to Berlin in mid October for his birthday and since this is our first trip to Berlin, we would appreicate if u guys can give suggestions or recmmendations ;))

I have list down afew questions below and hope to receive some headsup from y’all

1) where is the best neighbourhood to stay?
Accomadations are open to boutique hotels, hostels(with ensuite bathroom) n airbnb.
Affordable range will be much appreciated. Between €60-100 per night
It would be better if the accomadation has accessible halal eateries around it

2) halal or muslim friendly german food to try and where?

3)what will be the weather like in October?

4) is there any great events happening in October?

5) any transportation passes for tourist? Day pass or a week pass?

6)what are the “must buy” souveniers to bring home frm Berlin? Any cheap places t0 buy them from?

7)Opening hours of departmental store, foodstalls, supermarket?

8) we both love arts, fashion, music , museums, shopping and exploring flea markets. Any best suggestions for these as well?

We appreciate any suggestions or recommendations. Thank you🙏🏻✨

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