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Nightclubs for 16+

By Traveller September 3, 2018

Nightclubs for 16+

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By mike Traveller September 3, 2018

I am in Berlin for a week, what are the nightclubs for age of 16 + ? Thanks alot

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Hey Mike, I am 16 by myself but I am not really a party animal. The clubs I know or what my friends know for 16+ are: 'Empire Club' Meckelnburgische Straße 22a, 'Q-Berlin: Joachimstaler Straße 15 and 'Traffic' Alexanderstraße 7. I wasn't in them so I don't really know how they are. But I myself often jjst pretend to be 18 like my friends so I often just got into them. Probably you should try it also out to pretend to be 18, just try it out.
Local September 3, 2018
Like into other clubs for 18+
Thanks alot :)
mike Traveller September 4, 2018