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HELLO !! I need special help ...

By Traveller November 21, 2016

HELLO !! I need special help ...

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By Anna Traveller November 21, 2016

I am arriving tonight (Monday ) to Berlin and I have a question to the local people that like house and techno music clubs.. And afterparty of course also... :) What club willl be the best for me? I know its not the best night for clubbing but thats the opcion I have..
Thanks for any answers ...love and peace

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there is always something going on in berlin, techno and house are easy to find. highly depends on the neighbourhood though. i am sure you can find lots of night clubs around but yeah, mondays can be a little slow, rest of the week is usually fine.
Local Guru December 1, 2016
Hi Anna, best bet would be Kater. But you might be hard pressed getting into clubs on Monday night, as usually on accept Berliners from Sunday to Tuesday. But you could give it a go i guess.