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quirky things to do/see

By Traveller January 21, 2019

quirky things to do/see

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By Sari Traveller January 21, 2019

hi all, im looking for fun, unique, quirky, hidden, unexpected things to do and see in Berlin. What is typical Berlin style you won't find on every tourist website?
For example, the pingpong scene where they play Berlin style, hidden cinema's, climbing/bouldering a WWII building (der Kegel) etc etc. Not really searching for clubs, more fun and unexpected activities & sights. Thank you in advance!

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yes Ive got that one on my list :)))
you have more of this?
i also read about this secret cinema at the same website:http://www.secretcitytravel.com/berlin-july-2014/unusual-berlin-famous-squat-durchsfenster-secret-cinema.shtml
have u ever heard about this and if its still open?
Hi Sari,

Super cool you want to discover Berlin's hidden gems with a fun activity!

We offer city discovery games, self-guided, flexible and fun experiences. (https://www.secretcitytrails.com/discover-berlin/). All our games are developed by locals, and Holger is a tour guide in Berlin who tells you a story of the city in super fun way!

Here is the sneak peak of things you discover: ERIAC for inspiring art. The Sammlung Boros Collection for contemporary art in a bunker! An island. And the stunning Bode Museum!

Let us know if you have any questions,

Kristina & Wendy
Local January 21, 2019
Hi Kristina & Wendy, that sounds lovely... The only thing, I don't want to do a tour.. I prefer to fly solo ;)
Any specific suggestions?
Its self-guided, but in case you are not interested, we suggest the spots mentioned above:
ERIAC for inspiring art. The Sammlung Boros Collection for contemporary art in a bunker. An island. The stunning Bode Museum. Courtyards in Mitte (there are many of them!!). Old post office building in Mitte, and more!
thank you very much!
if you have more tips, like underground scenes to check out (like the pingpong) please let me know :)