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Berlin in October

By Traveller July 11, 2019

Berlin in October

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By Serene Traveller July 11, 2019

Hi! I am planning a trip to Berlin in October - i read that temperatures begin falling to about 18 degrees in early October and down to about 10 degrees toward the end. I'm curious whether October will still be sunny for Berlin?

Another question is - is driving easy in Berlin for non-local drivers? I wanted to take a day trip to see Rakotzbrucke and the Bastei but have no clue how to go about seeing them without having to drive and I'm not the most confident driver!

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it's nice that you are planning a trip to Berlin/Germany.
It ist not possible to say how the weather will be in October in Berlin or Dresden. It might be warm and you could sit outside only wearing a short-sleave shirt or it might me cold, even snow could be possible.
The wheater in Berlin ist different from Dresden.

I would't recommend to drive by car in Berlin. It is hard to find parking and it is expensive. You can get anywhere in Berlin by public transportation. You can find your way in , using the adress where you want to go or the station. There are several street names that are used not only once. You have to look for the ZIP-code then.

You can easily get to Dresden from Berlin by train. There is a bus going from Dresden to Bastei.

Rakotzbrücke is not so easy to get to by public transportation, but also possible. I could find you the details if you told me the day you want to go there and where you start from.

I hope I could help you. If you have further questions, please write a mail.

Local July 14, 2019
He’ll there!
Berlin is actually quite sunny during the year, however it is not particularly warm all the time. And I advise that you download an app called ‚Citymapper‘. It is really easy to use and can show you various ways to get to your destination. I hope this is helpful!
Local July 11, 2019