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Where can I find a public transport timetable?

By Traveller March 16, 2017

Where can I find a public transport timetable?

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By Alexandra Traveller March 16, 2017

Hi! I'll arrive at Schönefeld Airport on Tuesday, at 23:00. I would like to know if there are still buses or trains at this hour and where could I find the timetable (I couldn't find it on their website)

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13 answers

Hey Alexandra, you should use the App BVG. This is the local public transportation company. But I think the app is just in german available. Another really good opportunity is google transit. This is what I often use in other countries......have a good time in Berlin.
Local March 16, 2017
Hello Alexandra, you will find a public transport timetable on the website of the BVG www.bvg.de

You could also download the app of the bvg. the bvg is the public transport system in berlin

Just to inform you: from the airport Schönefeld is the best to take the tram to the city. The train in Berlin called s-bahn is open till 0:30, so you will get one of the last tains there.

Have fun in Berlin,
Traveller March 16, 2017
Hi Alex.... yes there are public transportation means. There is a local train called SBahn. You can take every train to the city...f.e. S9, S45. Or download the app "Öffi" also aivaiable in english. Have fun.
Local March 16, 2017
Hi Alexandra-yes you can take the train from Schonefeld to the city. The station is a 5 minute walk once you exit the airport. I suggest you download the "BVG" app. That way you can plan your trip from the airport to the city. It will show you train times, etc... hope that helps... Brendan
Local March 16, 2017
Hey Alexander,
You should get the DB or VBB app. It's very effective for navigating in the city and even outside.
Local February 25, 2019
get the VBB app
Local January 23, 2018
Try at the website of BVG, Berlins Public Transportation
Traveller October 29, 2017
download BVG app on iphone or android
best apps ever
enter final destination and origin and the apps do the rest up to price of the journey and platform to take your train or underground, bus stop and times ]really really really great
Traveller September 21, 2017
Yes, the S9 from the airport runs all night, also there are loads of buses, from the airport.

Hey Alexandria,

There are two apps, which are named VBB and BVG, they should help you.

Have fun in Berlin!

Local March 19, 2017