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what should i do next week in Berlin

By Traveller March 23, 2017

what should i do next week in Berlin

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By Kim Traveller March 23, 2017

Hey guys, Hope you guys doing well
've looked at my schedule and my trip to Berlin is coming on 27&28th of March . *panic*
i'm based on London and I have no idea what am i gonna do in Berlin so please give me some tip .
i'm not a party person, addicted to food, love art , cocktails, chill in coffee shop ... so i have some question :
1: which food i have to try and which restaurant do you suggest to have the best one ?
2: which street / zone i should hang around to see the best culture of Berlin ?
3: bar/ pub to chilling with English speaker, or very friendly and lovely ppl coming .
4: where i can find english pub, just incase i have no idea what should i do
Cheers , and best of fun :)

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Hi Kim, first of all, there´s nothing what you can´t do in Berlin. So it´s up to you and your favourites. some advices: You shouldn´t miss the area around the S-Bahn station "Warschauer Straße". something urban, not really chic, but local and unique. You will find a lot of cafes, restaurants, clubs, and so on. Take a look to the right and left side, so I mean to Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. If you wanne have an english speaking pub, try the irish pub in the S-Bahn station "Hackescher Markt", directly in the building. Also araound this place you will find a lot of good restaurnts and pubs and cafes.
what should you eat? Of course "Currywurst". In my opinion the best you will find at "Curry 36", Mehringdamm nr.36.
Have fun....
Local March 23, 2017
hey Bob, i'Ve checked these area by GG, that's really nice idea. I think i'm gonna in love with Friedrichshain , wonder if i stay only 2 days, what kind of public transport i should take to see around. is it easy to go around by public bus and any apps is set in English so i can use as direction .
absolutly. There are so many apps for public transportations. Try the app "Öffi".This shows you all the lines also in english and i use it to. going by public transportations is the best way to explore the city. but be aware, sometimes the public transportation means are delayed... ;-)
Bob Local March 24, 2017