Quick Visit for Elderly Berln

By Traveller April 11, 2017

Quick Visit for Elderly Berln

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By Allan Traveller April 11, 2017

I am bringing my mum (71) to Berlin for the first time. I am staying beside Hauptbanhof. Any tips on getting around without too many steps? Also advice on activities for the not as young as the rest of us but spirit still willing?

Also restuarants, where is good and relaxed, (will eat most thing but not too much Junk).

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Hi Allan
Ive only lived in Berlin for 6 weeks, so unfortunately I don't know much yet. But most of the museums are great. The baubaus archive are not that big, but very nice (mostly interior design)
of you are up to fine dining, you should try crackers and industry standard.
If the weather is good you can rent boats and have a trip along spree or do the tourist tours (boat trips)
If you want to do some shopping the shops in hackeschermarkt is very nice and something for everyone.
For more political things, I've heard good about the parliament tours. And you can do a "safari" in small cars around the city.
Also make sure you visit all the good coffee shops in every corner - almost every small plasss makes good coffee.
Have a very good trip
Local April 11, 2017
Hi Allan,
An option for you all could be our combined sightseeing and food tours.
We could also run a private tour for you and your mum, so as to have less walking but still taking in all the great culinary delights.

More info at www.forkandwalktoursberlin.com
Or feel free to email us at info@forkandwalktoursberlin.com

All the best,