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Berlin + "Post Tourism"

By Traveller April 27, 2017

Berlin + "Post Tourism"

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By Guilherme Traveller April 27, 2017

So I've read this article about how Berlin has become the "post-tourism" capital of the world. In short, post-tourism is part of that travel philosophy of "wanting to experience the REAL city/place" but how that ends up being just as annoying as regular tourism.
My question is then, are the places listed in the travel sites (or in The Guardian) really "local" or are they apart of this? Like, is going to Mustafa's a normal thing, or strolling through Kreuzberg, or going to Maeur Park? Let me know please, I promise I won't be those annoying tourists ahah

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hey there
its the same as anywhere, places get popular with the tourists, they all talk through sites like TripAdvisor or Like a Local and in turn more people go there.

But in Berlin the vibe is pretty chilled, Mauerpark is popular with tourists and locals alike, so yes, its worth doing all these things, Berlin is not like other citys, its not overrun with tourists.

What is "Alternative" anymore, Berlin is a city that is what you make it, go see all of it, its a laugh
*Mauer park
Traveller April 27, 2017