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Is Berlin a boring city?

By Traveller May 29, 2017

Is Berlin a boring city?

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By Débora Traveller May 29, 2017

Considering the fact that I don't care much about nightlife and museums (usually I only like the strange ones), I'm afraid I will find Berlin a boring city. I really like nature, cinema, concerts, theater, literature and good food. Can I really find a big varity of this things in Berlin? I'm asking this since Berlin is currently my first choice as city to emigrate to. Thank you so much!

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Hi Debora. What do you mean by emigrate? Stay longer than a few days? I am 60 but young in heart. We came here for 5 nights and I must say that after two days I am disappointed. A longer stay might change that but I'm not so sure. First day was fun with a guided bicycle tour with Fat Tire bicycle tours (28€). The bicycle guide said Berlin is a heaven on earth between april and september. Remains to be seen but so far Helsinki wins in every aspect (I am from there). Today we went to the botanical garden which eas worth seeing. So is Tiergarten. And you should move with the bicycle if the distance is not too far. You can take the bike in the S bahn btw. Tonight we had food that was OK, the first two nights were not that soecial although we soent 100€ oer night. Maybe the best meal I had was lunch in Tiergarten; bratwurst with sauerkraut for 4€. That's true! Cinema, concerts, theater and books I don't know about. Really I don't know what the fuzz is about. Consider Helsinki instead. Chosen by Lonely Planet for the coolest city if I'm not totally wrong. Good luck!
Traveller June 6, 2017
Hey Debora,

Given that you're mainly into culture, the arts, and food, you should check out a Berlin food tour with eat-the-world!

We aim to give our customers a non-touristy insight into life behind the scenes of a city and believe you can get to know an area best through its food and people! Maybe an insider's look would help you decide whether Berlin would be the right city for, long-term wise. Best of luck!
Thank you :) I also agree that the best way to get to know an area is through its food and people, so I will definitely check out your tour when I go to visit Berlin in October!
There is so much in this city, don't worry about it, Berlin has all those things and much more, we do an English comedy show called Cosmic Comedy, just search on like a local, you will love Berlin
Thank you so much for your insight :)
I think you can't get bored in a city like this...
I didn't went for an experience like the one you are looking for, but I'm sure you will fond somethin in websites like timeout
Local May 31, 2017
I hope so, I'm making a lot of search and in October I will check the city out, thank you so much for the help :)
There is so much to do in Berlin that suits all just need to dig for here a few links that I have done myself while I live in Berlin which I can recommend highly... good luck hope you see something that catches your fancy! :)

7 cool things to do

62 things to do ranging to all manner of things!
Local May 30, 2017
Thank you so much Ralph! Every topic that I found about this issue, when didn't talked about the nightlife, talked about the museums and art, so I was a little bit worried. Pinterest is helping me a lot to discover some diferent things to do in Berlin and the links that you gave me are really really useful :) So once again, thank you!