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how easy is it for a person moving from the UK to Berlin to get a job?

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By Rosaleen Traveller June 8, 2017

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This is too little information to give you a solid answer. What's your profession? How much job experience? Which languages to do you speak?

In general: Berlin is a wonderful, but economically weak city compared to other German cities like Frankfurt, Hamburg or Munich. A lot of internationals came here and got pretty disappointed. In the start up sector there are jobs for non German speaking folks, but it's pretty much low paid in an international or even German context.
Tom Local June 8, 2017
Im a graduate in pharmaceutical chemistry and have experience in waitressing, retail, barista, bar work. So really open to any job just to pay for me to live there. I speak mainly english and bits of German. I just dont know whether moving over to Berlin in september and then when i get there not finding a job. Just wanted to know how easy it is to find one you see? Im applying online now when im currently living in england to try and get a job sorted before moving over there to put my mind at ease.
It always depends of how how hard you try it. You should know that Berlin is a young city with lots of students. We have several univercities and all students are looking for a good payed job. If you have some special skills of course your chances could be much more better but its all about the money you want to earn to live in the city. Living in the center is getting more expensive. And sure you should speak german, this might be the most important fact of all. Last but not least i am not sure about your current status in the EU. If you leave the EU soon maybe you are not allowed to work in Germany. Good luck.
Bob Local June 8, 2017
Real talk! You should be open to learn the German language anyway. It is much much easier to speak the local language. But English is the most popular language in the world so you won't have to much problems moving around by your self.
About the job I can say berlin is a music and media City with a lot of tourists.
When you wants to work in one of these branches you will get a job.
Waitress or Bartender is possible just in case if you don't find anything solid.
André Local June 8, 2017
You see i was hoping to find just a cafe or bar job to just pay for my living exspenses but do you think its easier finding a job when actually moved over there ? Or via online as Im applying for jobs in berlin now via online when im currently in England but will be moving there in september. As i dont want to move over to berlin and then find I couldnt find a job
It not that easy all depends on what you do for a living and if you want to work in Berlin I would suggest looking for a agency that specialises in getting work aboard as that i how I got work in berlin
RALPH Local June 8, 2017