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hop on hop off bus

By Traveller June 27, 2017

hop on hop off bus

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By karin Traveller June 27, 2017

hello, we travel to Berlin for the first time. we will stay for 2 days only , so we want to use some hop on hop off bus to see everything. but my mothers english ( german) is not so good. so we like to find some bus that have an audio guide in Czech. can you help me?

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Most of the traditional hop on/off buses are guided in several languages, surely also in czech. An other possibility to see the centre of Berlin on a very cheap way is to use the regular bus line 100. This is a meanwhile very often used bus line for tourists. You dont have an audio guide but the bus is running in a circle thru the innercity. Tics are available at the driver for approximatly 3 € per person.
Local June 27, 2017
thank you for answer, a ticket for a bus 100 is for all day?
but maybe a would like to have an audio guide.
You can buy a daily ticket for at least 7 €. With this ticket you can use all public transportation means all day long. But a trip with the line 100 takes about 1,5 h not longer. For this you dont need a daily ticket.
Bob Local June 28, 2017